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  1. I could see Edmonton and Columbus both trading down fairly easily...would be nice to get one of those without giving up our 1st... I'd deal all 3 2nd round picks, a d-man (Markov?) and a prospect like Kristo (that caliber anyways). Edmonton needs NHL ready D help and to maintain a continual core of good prospects for future years to compete. Not sure Markov would pass the smell test given the injuries but who knows...maybe Kaberle? Edmonton gets to pick 31, 34, 44 and 54...and can easily package some of those to move back up the board. Maybe even get back into the top 12 if they wanted.
  2. Oh, I get that Detroit may not want or let the Habs talk to him...I was more referring to opening the vault if they got permission. Not sure what it would take to get that permission and I suspect money would have little to do with it. Often teams give permission to talk to guys when there is an opportunity for that persons career advancement...not really the case with Holland since he's also the Executive VP. Don't ask, don't get...
  3. FInd a way to get Ken Holland to come here...I want the best and I don't care that he's under contract till 2015. Open the bank and find a way to bring in the best GM of the past decade...and arguably one of the best since expansion.
  4. Grigorenko has been compared to Malkin by some scouts...I want a potential 100 point C on this team... Galchenyuk is intriguing but could easily slide to the 7th pick too. I think Grigorenko is the odds on pick.
  5. They would look so good with Darvish and Fielder...would have made them contenders without giving up their highly rated farm. They'd be well positioned for the next 3-5 years with the youth to deal for other upgrades or trade other assets to make room as needed. AA should have made huge pushes for those 2 additions. Even overpaying would have left them with a relatively manageable payroll of around $115m...good for around 10th highest in the league... We'd probably be talking about them as contenders for the next 3-5 years.
  6. I think MacKenzie is a great analyst...glad to hear he is also high on Moen's ability. Not sure he's among the best bottom 6 on the market but only because I don't honestly know how many are openly on "the market"...I'll trust in MacKenzie's contacts and analysis. Having said that, the trade deadline market is still developing... The rumoured return on Ruutu is a late 1st round pick or blue chip prospect...IF that's true do people still think Moen is worth a 2nd round pick? Moen is a good PK specialist and very good 4th line player...and average 3rd liner. The problem is the inflated expe
  7. Who says he's one of the highest valued bottom six forwards? His value is ultimately what someone is willing to pay...so we'll see. However, let's be real...there are lots of 3rd and 4th line guys that are similar to Moen and get made available. Commandant compared him to a few guys just before you...I believe, at the times of those deals, Belanger and Moore were worth more. Sure some team might overpay if a few teams want Moen and other teams don't make similar players available...but I believe guys like Moen are often available every year. I could see a third rounder as a stretch...
  8. Wow...people think Moen is worth a 2nd round pick? I shouldn't be stunned by that but wow...
  9. I'd be inquiring to Winnipeg about Kane as one to target via trade...he might be falling out of favour there too. He's young, got loads of upside and plays with grit. Wouldn't be cheap but getting a kid like him, and trying to get a top 3 pick this year, should be a couple of our goals.
  10. I realise that it can be built otherwise...but I don't think you can build years of winning/contending without building the farm system and acquiring young, controllable talent...at least some of which is expected to be high end talent. Sorry, but in a cap driven world it's not feasible without a short term break to build and/or accelerate that process... You can be thankful they don't think like me...but I'm disappointed we have an organization in such disarray with no vision/direction. Do you think this management team is the right group to turn this organization around...and I mean top t
  11. If this team can't dump Gomez through salary I would be eternally grateful to Molson approving his being stashed in the minors and using the cap room elsewhere... I'd deal Cole heartbeat if he could actually net a 1st round pick and more...for the right prospect/pick returns (and a couple of salary dumps) I'd also deal Kosty, Gionta, Kaberle, Campoli, Gomez. Take back a couple of guys who are UFA's at seasons end (this or next) to balance out those parts of any deals...but the focus should be on youth as the primary returns where possible. If necessary, package together picks in the off-sea
  12. You are right...we should sit on aging veterans until their value is nothing even though the team is not going to contend without some real help. This team will never be Columbus or the Islanders simply because we can spend money. For that reason alone the comparison isn't really valid. I'm saying, tear it apart to re-build the farm for 1-2 years...and I mean tear it apart to try and re-build with high end talent. Then, in 1.5 years, start some UFA signings to get back to that 8th seed. Then as the, hopefully high end, youth gets to breaking the big club you up the UFA ante and try to get
  13. I don't buy the 5-10 year comment...top tier guys DO get moved. Debate whether they are top 3 or 4 at their position if you want...but big names do move around via trades and UFA. To not have addressed this in 2 decades is brutal. Go all the way back through the 80's, and early 90's, when 100 point seasons were quite common...how many did the Habs have? Look it up. I agree the draft is the best way to build...but they CAN trade for prospects, high picks, etc and augment that with UFA acquisitions. We just bring in the mid tier UFA's (Cammy aside) and a bunch of 3rd, 4th line guys. Som
  14. That's why Leaf fans thought Domi and Tucker were stars...and why Habs fans think guys like Moen or Gill are worth big on the trade market. LOL
  15. I hear what your saying but its been 20 odd years since we had a C of that caliber...and you could argue a lot longer since 85 point C's in the late 80's early 90's were a pretty easy find. The organization hasn't had a legit superstar since Roy or a legit superstar forward (let alone C)!since god only knows...by superstar I mean legit top tier talent - top 3 in their position give or take. Its not just homegrown talent...we could have signed those UFA's or traded for a player of that quality. I realise you can win without a real star but more often then not teams have either a couple top p
  16. I get graduating a lot of youth the past few years but we have very few quality prospects...our system depth projects poorly too. Given where we've performed in recent years its hard to consider this even an average system.
  17. Zowpeb

    DSLR Cameras

    I have a Canon and love it...very user friendly for amateur use. Lots of lens options including both Canon and aftermarket lenses. As for quality on every SLR it is about the lens. Both Canon and Nikon are good in body and lens options. Can't go wrong with either... My advice is to get a decent body and spend on the lenses...if you really enjoy it then upgrade the body in a few years. I still use my Canon XSI body and it's still great...and they've had around 3 generational upgrades since...IIRC... Wouldn't worry about video a whole lot...if you want that buy a camcorder or even a compa
  18. Agreed. I don't buy that he's the best offensive C in years...was only commenting on Stream's post. And for what its worth...it's also sad to say Pleks might be the best C in years. Frankly it's sad we haven't had an 85 point C since when?? Hell, name the last 100 point Hab...how sad is that? I can live with good balanced teams like the last 2 cup winners but we rarely even get that these days... I may sound like a pessimist lately but we don't have much to be excited about other then 3 things: Price, Subban and MaxPac...Even the farm system looks only okay...Sure Beaulieu, LeBlanc loo
  19. I like DD but it's really sad that he's considered the best offensive C in years...just saying...
  20. I think it's clear I don't think he's made one error worth being fired for... You can't have it both ways on Cammy. You can't look at Cammy in the vacuum of "current value" of the day and then argue Kaberle's value relative to salary because he's now rebounding. It was widely criticized as a terrible deal salary wise when it was made. I outlined numerous mistakes that I think are clear...you don't have to agree, that's fine...but don't imply that I said one issue with the Markov signing is why he should be fired. I'm providing many legit reasons where that one is also glaring.
  21. O'Byrne is/was a late bloomer...I think he has more upside still. JMHO though. If you think Cammy would have got hot and upped his value it implies he has more upside. I fail to see the pick swap as being anywhere near enough to cover that proven upside. You keep saying it sideways but refuse to admit it was a less then stellar deal...whatever...I won't debate it anymore. As for PG and medical opinions...senior management MUST be accountable. Period. Any business run without that in mind is in big trouble. You name 2 bad deals...I've given my thoughts on Cammy's deal (bad return), the
  22. I was responding to your comments were about Gauthier needing to be a doctor...and not needing to bear responsibility for signing an injured player. Contracts in a salary cap world an critical...especially with young talent like Subban, Price, MaxPac, etc...tough when your labelled with Gomez, Kaberle, injured Markov, etc...
  23. Bournival is years away and OByrne is also still developing, It's a pointless part of the debate and could go either way. Trading for Wiz was a waste because we gave up an asset that have been controllable for years for a 6 month rental... That's not team building. OByrnes deal is a different debate around which will benefit the team more long term...no one can say yet. It's irrelevant to debate a deal like this since who knows how it pans out...is Bournival going to be better? Maybe...is he a better prospect then OByrne was? Arguably yes but still some debate could be had...OByrne was
  24. The Betts thing I can agree on but the apologies being made for Gauthier are ridiculous...Markov's signing is fully on Gauthier. The argument he depends on the doctors advice and its a doctors fault is simply an apologists excuse. No one expects him to have a doctors degree...he certainly should have known to exhaust multiple opinions on a player with a injury like this, especially before giving out millions of dollars to him. As for an insured salary...well, the organization pays a lot in premiums for this stuff and they're surely paying a lot more now because of this.
  25. Apologies for the delayed response Agreed. I don't have any issue with the Halak trade... Making the playoffs is great...and it's good to know your crystal ball tells you we don't make it without Wiz (and I don't disagree that he produced during his limited time). Trading a good potential future player/prospect/ASSET for a rental just to help scrape into the playoffs is a bad organizational move that screams short term thinking. You don't win in the NHL thinking about tomorrow only. As for the "intangibles" of a playoff drive that may, or may not, happen is a rather pointless argume
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