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  1. Baron has played well again. Wideman needs to go down or be the scratch. Kovacevic is not an NHLer to me but he's better than Wideman. The dude is just horrible.
  2. Edmundson is out of the game with an lbi. Dach had a good fight.
  3. He needs to play centre imo. Put that line together now and then, but he's a centre. Needs to improve face offs, but...
  4. I've really enjoyed the commitment to puck battles tonight. Good defense. Good battle. Great goaltending. I like pinard. Hope he pushes out pazzetta
  5. Yep. He needs to get his reps in on NA ice. Preferably ahl, but NHL is better than sitting on the couch.
  6. Dach had a great game. Romanov for Dach has been a pleasant surprise. I've been happy to see Barron improving as well.
  7. Xhekaj should beat the shit out of armia next game for that elbow on armia's kidney. He's tossed a few bows in his career.
  8. Yep. Barron and Harris are both looking good offensively.
  9. What a pass and goal. The saucer hit the ice as caufield hit it. Just perfect!
  10. Barron set up to Harris was great too. Askarov looks good.
  11. 1.5 mill salary retained, maybe it could happen.
  12. Not true. Weber could be traded. Pk's ntc would have kicked in that summer and could not have been traded unless he agreed. Not sure on why or how it works but I'm not sure Nashville had to honor the ntc from subbans origional contract. The ntc would have made him him nearly impossible to trade.
  13. Carey Price is a very good rebuttal to my comment. I hated his contract as well. But I wasn't as iritated by it. In hindsight he did not live up to his contract in the least. One playoff run cost 90 million. So why no animosity? I don't know. Not racism or subliminal racism so let's put that to bed. Weber contract was worse, but was tradable and was front loaded making it more tradable. I agree on the third point. Subvan is a dang likeable guy. Loaded with charisma. Was very fun to watch when he was a hab.
  14. I loved PK early on. There were concerns with his fights in practice. Why was it always PK? But I didn't let it affect my opinion of him. This next bit will be countered with tons of arguments which I heard when it happened, but I stand by it. When PK played hardball after his bridge deal, he signed as the highest paid defenseman in the NHL, and if memory serves me, the highest paid player, because Kane and towes extensions hadn't kicked in yet. When you make these demands, you need to honor them. You are essentially saying, Im the best hockey player in the world. His contract is what soured with me. I didn't like the Weber trade at the time, but I was happy to be freed of his ntc and albatross contract. At least Weber's contract was tradable. For me it was never an issue with the player, only the value of the contract.
  15. I'd say Drouin, Hoffman and Gallagher stay with the team until their contracts expire.
  16. Seattle are masters at subtle picks. It's crazy how many I've seen tonight. Most not penalties, but smart picks.
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