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  1. That's the issue. Their forwards are ok now, but that defense is atrocious.
  2. The Dallas Stars basically re-built their team at the 2017 draft. • Heiskanen 3rd overall • Oettinger 26th overall • Robertson 39th overall Let's do this!
  3. Good point on McCarron. I suppose you could look at his pick as a swing for the fences hoping he would turn out to be 2011 Lucic.
  4. I was actually a bit emotional at the end of the game. Halak 2010 and hasek were my two comparisons. What a performance. He was like that all series but last night was special.
  5. Rags tying goal was 100% due to ripping a penguins helmet off. That rule needs to go. It was a tactic last year too.
  6. He was phenomenal. Everytime he touches the puck, 5 players, the goalie and the defensive coach shit their pants.
  7. Boston out. Leafs out. Habs have 1st overall. It's a good day.
  8. Me too. Let's hope for a loss on Saturday too!
  9. Still not a fan of trading lehkonen. The Habs have a pile of deadwood contracts. Danault and Lehkonen should both be Habs.
  10. I cheered for Boston against the leafs when they came back to beat them. It was so satisfying. My co worker was tormenting me during the Ottawa blowout. I was literally hate cheering that series. Great memories
  11. Mathews has matured his game so much in the last year. He is a beast. Amazing at every aspect of the game. Puck battles. Puck protection. Backchecking. Takeaways. Hitting. Board battles. Stick handling. The shot. I think I would rather have him than mcjesus
  12. I like Nuge. Very under rated player. Especially defensively. Just not a 1st overall player I would want.
  13. Holy crap. That's crazy. So is Wright the consensus? Can't help but feel pessimistic. I'm hoping hes better than nuge or hirchier.
  14. I'm torn on the Leafs series. Obviously want the Leafs knocked out in round one, but I don't mind seeing tampa lose, because of the 18 million over cap roster from last year.
  15. Calgary Dallas is intense.
  16. Washington do not have a lot of high end prospects either. I was surprised when my cousins kid was called up yesterday. He's not terrible, but he's not an NHLer either. Not yet anyway.
  17. Danault was a 0 +- after that train wreck last night. I miss him. I'm actually cheering for him.
  18. Pens had 83 shots on the rangers. Shesterkin getting a workout early.
  19. That series is intriguing. Mcjesus and draisaitl are 1 and 2 art Ross caliber centers vs Kopitar danault selke caliber centers. Both have old ass goalies.
  20. Edmundson 1. Suzuki 2. Anderson 3. My choices
  21. I didn't watch the whole game but Harris looked good from what I could see. Nice for him to get some reps in.
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