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  1. Lucic would probably crush wifi. He needs to learn to defend. He doesn't protect himself at all.
  2. My thought is that if he's happy here, he should stay till the deadline. Petry fills a huge hole on the team. Savard was great for what he was last year, but there is no way he should be getting 1st pair minutes. Petry makes the team better and shifts the defensive depth closer to where it should be. This team was a trainwreck in theor own zone last year. Forwards and defense are going to nerd to play better in their own zone if they hope to compete in the future. If the tank is over and the aim is to start learning how to win, Petry helps that as a player now, more than a pick later. Of course this all hinges on his engagement level. If he's not into it, flip him fast.
  3. This year the habs need a top 4 rd. Petry is that. I say keep him. As long as he doesn't act like a baby and hurt his performance.
  4. Gallagher made 3 million when he was producing at a 6 million pace. Now he's doing the inverse. Every team has a bad contract. His doesn't bother me too much because there's always that chance he starts producing again.
  5. Finns are stereotypically good defensively. Seems to me Ylonen is as well. This could weigh in his favor as well.
  6. I really hope for all involved that this works out. Poor kid will forever be measured against michkov and Leonard. If michkov becomes kaprisov or Leonard becomes Tkachuk, we better hope he becomes Pietrangelo at worst. Otherwise the media and fans will eat him alive.
  7. Yep. They had their 2 tank years. Time to build. Start winning. I want to see more won puck battles this year. I watched almost every game last year, and I just had no confidence that they would come out with the puck after a battle. I'd like to see improvement there and improvement on defensive positioning. I don't expect to make the playoffs, but let's make it interesting at least.
  8. If Matheson can continue, you thank your luck and keep him. Praying he doesn’t get hurt.
  9. Pure speculation here but my guess is that they weren't high on Michkov for whatever reason. If Will Smith had dropped, they probably would gave drafted him. They looked at the remaining players and ranked Leonard reinbacher and others as equal. So they drafted for position. Hughes has been quoted saying that. Draft bpa, but if they are equal, draft for position.
  10. That is so cool. I liked Budaj. He was the ultimate backup. Seems like the sort of dude I'd enjoy having a beer with and shooting the breeze.
  11. I can look through every draft in the past and find players drafted in the top 5 to 10, which can easily be traded for or signed as Ufa. It's the Kiril kaprisov, sebastian aho (later rounds), jack Eichel, Leon draisaitl talent which is much harder to trade for when they are young. You're right. Middling is not fair for this top 5. I just look at his talent level and think he would be my first choice.
  12. I don’t know. I just go with what I read. He seems to have the highest ceiling and I’m a swing for the fences guy. You can pick up middling talent anywhere easily.
  13. Michkov: 10/10 Smith: 9.5/10 Benson: 9/10 Leonard: 9.5/10 Reinbacher: don't know Dvorsky: don't know
  14. But how many of these moves could have been made without the several advantages that Vegas had? In a cap era, having no bad contracts is massive. Every team has multiple bad contracts. Add the extra exposed players from each team so you can run 3 second lines on day one. Finally no state income tax. There's no doubt that they were a well run organization from the beginning and they made brilliant moves with their cap space and how they drafted in the expansion. I don't begrudge them, but I definitely see the advantages they had from the beginning.
  15. I couldn't agree more. Another thing I've been thinking about, but haven't researched, is how many "zero state tax' teams have been in the semis and especially the Finals in the last 10 years? Maybe it's not enough to discuss, but it feels like there's been a lot in the last 5 at least.
  16. Hopefully nothing. Now if he was a right handed defenseman I'd be all over it.
  17. It's embarrassing that we are still celebrating that series when violently breaking Russian Gretzky's ankle was the turning point in it.
  18. Very accurate. Florida Carolina has been some intense hockey. I wish the series was closer.
  19. Out of the 4 teams left, I can't think of a reason to cheer for any of them, so I think I'll cheer for pavelski. It would be cool for him to win a Cup. I really want to see Vegas knocked out.
  20. I agree on the different approach. Every year the lists are very similar. And every year they are probably 20% accurate.
  21. We get to hear about the no goal now for 30 years. It sucks that there was no whistle, but the play was long dead when Bob stood up.
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