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  1. I'm not sure if I want to continue investing the time to watch games until this practice of giving Drouin and Armia significant minutes in the top 6 is going on. Both are hopeless and suck the life out of our top line, cancelling out my prime motivation for watching. Drouin on PP1 is a sad joke too. I may just relegate myself to watching the highlights until the lineup is replenished.
  2. Lazy penalty by Drouin leads to a Stars goal. He's such a waste of a roster spot right now it's not even funny.
  3. I like this idea...a lot. Sit him down and tell him you have no intentions of actually playing him again, so if he'd like to be spared having to do the practices and workouts and the travel, only to sit in the pressbox every single night until the end of the season, he has to go along with LTIR.
  4. Drouin does not belong on NHL ice anymore...and I'm sick and tired of this team/coach continuing to pretend that he does.
  5. Following the familiar script of starting to actually try hard in the 3rd period.
  6. Playing like absolute s**t tonight....I feel bad for everyone who paid for a ticket.
  7. We got screwed over by a couple of cheap calls, but we also had too many passengers who were just woefully ineffective.
  8. Well said...his last game for this team can't come soon enough for me. Hoping to see the top line score a couple, and Slaf/Anderson to have another strong game that results in a goal. I want a win tonight badly...can't stand the Sens or their fans.
  9. Tough character-building win. Hopefully Caufield was held out due to an abundance of precaution and won't miss much, if any, time.
  10. I'd like to see Caufield get another before this game is out, and I'd really like to see Slaf get one too.
  11. Great pass by 14, and a great shot by 22. They need to lock Caufield up for 8 years before the holidays are through.
  12. Allen seems to have found his game...holding the fort well so far.
  13. The coach responsible for this powerplay (Burrows?) should be fired first thing tomorrow morning....bloody ridiculous to be this bad 20+ games in.
  14. He should have a short leash; if he looks at all shaky, pull him, even if it's early.
  15. I agree with those who are unimpressed by Matheson; Arber shouldn't sit on account of this guy, with the exception of a very infrequent rest day if required.
  16. I loved Dach's clap-back at the Chicago fans after his shootout winner.
  17. There is no quit in this team, and damn right Nick Suzuki is a star....he's already better than Koivu ever was, and is teasing Damphousse level production. #14 is the center we've been waiting for.
  18. 1. The jerseys absolutely suck IMO 2. We struggle against teams that we can't outskate. NJ is a fast team.
  19. There is no quit in this team...that was a lot of fun to watch. Dach/Suzuki/Caufield just keep on rolling, and Hoffman waking up has really helped.
  20. Nice forecheck hustle by Suzuki and Caufield set Dach up for the dagger goal.
  21. You're full of it...I comment plenty about 22's continued success, and on the young d-men holding it down nicely. As far as it being the only comment I make about Drouin, that's close to the truth....he gives me ample reminders of what hot garbage he is every single damn game. I'd love a game off, but he just keeps on screwing up.
  22. Seriously...Drouin is a waste of a roster spot. Pathetic.
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