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  1. The more I think about it, the more I'm pleased with it (assuming MB does the right thing and takes the picks). I felt we needed an upgrade at 2C, and have very little hope that KK can become a solid 2C. IMO packaging up those picks and a prospect to acquire an upgraded 2C makes the team better.
  2. I wouldn't break the bank and screw up the overall plan for KK...he just hasn't shown me enough to think he's worth it, or is likely to be in the near future.
  3. Sunny humid misery is better than cold/drab grey misery for months on end.
  4. Also wonder if the potential for another lockdown didn't factor into his decision, as he knows that's not going to happen in Florida.
  5. The shit taxes and shit weather in Quebec vs. Florida probably didn't help either.
  6. Barrie re-signed 3 years, 4.5M per. I would have liked to pick him up at that price or even a little bit more, but I guess he's no fool: less pressure in EDM and guaranteed stats working the PP with McDavid and Draisaitl.
  7. I won't hold my breath on Drouin playing well...will be pleasantly surprised (bordering on shock) if he does I guess.
  8. I'd not absorb any cap hit, or lose assets for another to do so, if I know Drouin can't/won't play in MTL. You tell him it's either deal with whatever his issues are and play here, or stay on LTIR...that no trade to accomodate him will be made if it costs us anything of value or cap....and if he doesn't like it, retire. We've given up enough (Sergachev)...stop the bleeding and be done with him another way.
  9. Why the hell would they touch Drouin? That's a pipe dream.
  10. As would I...we desperately need that piece to improve our breakouts and our PP
  11. The bar has been set for offensive D-men: Dallas gave Heiskanen 8.45M per season for eight seasons https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/31832932/dallas-stars-sign-miro-heiskanen-eight-year-676m-contract
  12. Offer Seattle something to make sure they claim Drouin. Maybe offer to trade our 2nd rd pick for their 4th if they help us out. He has to go, and that would be the best case scenario for us IMO because he has such a low trade value.
  13. I'm a bit on the fence with Weber....we can only lose him and feel good about it if we land a great replacement. That in addition to a puck moving D-man. Drouin has to go...that was true before whatever his current issue is, and is 10x as true now. Tatar is clearly gone...need a quality replacement top 6 forward. Hopefully we can keep Perry. Armia I'm on the fence about...he's really good about half the time, a guy you want an upgrade on half the time. Leks...hard worker, but hands of stone....I want an upgrade. Kotkaniemi, aside from his streak during the playoffs, was not good this season. A cheap 2 year bridge deal is all I'd consider if keeping him and hoping he develops.
  14. He's been terrible for the entire playoffs pretty much...the coaching staff was dropping the ball by forcing him out there when he just can't get it done.
  15. Lost for the usual reasons that we lose. PP absolute dogshit, and in general just can't score.
  16. They've been horrid. Price has allowed them to play like absolute garbage for 25min with no harm done; I sure hope the team wakes up in time to not squander the bailout.
  17. It'd be nice to win just one, but watching with no expectations. Been a hell of a ride no matter what happens.
  18. Correct on both counts. It was a great ride, but the ride is over.
  19. 100% right. As spectacular as he was through 3 rounds, he has started to resemble the sub-par goaltender that he was through most of the regular season.
  20. The competence of our GM and coaching staff must be called into question if Gus dresses for game 4.
  21. Absolutely...it can't hurt to put a well-rested Tatar out there to see if he can spark a bit of offence. Put Romanov in there too...I've seen enough of Gus to know that he's not the discount powerplay QB Bergevin gambled that he'd be.
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