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  1. That was a hell of an opening period...really should be 3-0, Winnipeg's only goal being a gift. We need to stay out of the box from here on out.
  2. He consistently disappears in the playoffs...you have to move him if your goal is to build a team that makes it out of the first round.
  3. I've posted every meme and talked all the trash I can talk on Facebook now. That felt SO GOOD....hope we meet them again in the playoffs soon!
  4. Anyone else bombing Facebook with trash talk, Leafs choker/loser memes, ect? By God does it feel good!!!
  5. The nexst 5min is going to seem like an eternity.
  6. I have 15mg of it in me...not taking the edge off.
  7. Nice quick little move by Caufield to draw the penalty
  8. We need to cut down on the icings...it's going to burn us eventually.
  9. Gallagher shows up, and Price looks dialed the F*** in!
  10. Just for once, can we please get some puck luck, couple that with a dash of competence on the powerplay, and not do this the hard way? I'm not young anymore...my nerves can't take a highly stressful Game 7.
  11. If they were in a relaxed state during OT in the playoffs, they deserved it. Don't feel bad...not even one little bit.
  12. Extended rest Carey is a very different goaltender. We saw it in the bubble last playoffs too.
  13. They need to find better D for the top 4 that played a lot, too. Chiarot was handling the puck like a hand grenade all night long.
  14. Play like shit the entire overtime.... get ONE chance.... LMAO...Leafs fans have got to be scared now
  15. We had been losing puck battles in our end for a good stretch leading up to the Leafs goals. Petry being terrible was just the icing on the crap-in-own-end cake.
  16. If we win tonight, I truly believe the weight of history will crumble the Leafs in game 7.
  17. Mind....blown. Unless Patrick has had a string of bad investments decimate his portfolio, I can't imagine why he would do this. If I were him, I'd shit on Tremblay every chance I got to this day, let alone being that close to him without taking a swing.
  18. Our two brightest future stars combine to avert what was looking like disaster...sweet goal.
  19. Matthews needs to be hit hard on the regular.
  20. I can hardly believe it, but after thinking it over all day I am still undecided as to whether or not I will watch Game 5. I feel no hope, and no enthusiasm at all for a playoff game for the first time in my life. The only tick in the 'pros' column so far, when weighing pros and cons, is that I wouldn't want to miss the first playoff goal of Cole Caufield's career. I guess it will be a 'gametime decision'.
  21. Funny...this team is so sickening that it's making sticking to my summer cut diet easier tonight....very very easy in fact.
  22. ...and take Timmins and his team with you too!!!
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