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  1. étape 1 écouter la toune étape 2 voir le coup de coude sur Brian Propp. trop cool.
  2. RDS cites Donald Beauchamp It's a favor done to Desjardins, Sanford and Meyer will be Bulldogs goalies next year. The habs have a lot less depth at goalie position for 2010-11 season.- Halak - Desjardins. A favor...
  3. The Habs never been there to represent the people of the province this is the government job. One thing thought, Habs should draft the best players from the junior league just in their own backyard, it's not like the GM couln't make his own idea about a player and only trust his scouts. Just go to the Montreal Junior games and watch the player. Keep your second,third round picks and draft these prospects. It's sad to see so very few good prospects coming out from the Q but there are some good ones and the Habs should not miss them. Hockey Quebec should take a big part of ther blame
  4. Price is not responsible of the Halak trade, if people ain't happy with the hockey management not keeping the players that the crowd love, it's to the CH that the message should go not a player. Don't buy shirts, flags, pyjama's, bathing suit, caps every merchendising, don't pay a penny to see them playand one day they will understand and do something for the fans. Wich they do not give a damn for the time being. And stirring schnout on the guys that left and gave us good time is not sportsmanship either. Halak made us happy, he deserves a standing O the day he goals one in this on
  5. Chicago disaster continues but this time it is the arbitration that sinks them, the amount for an unprooven long term, never been drafted, zamboni driver. Chicago has done the right thing to walk away. But it must be very frustrating for the fans, years of mediocrity to the cup and back to the rebuiling process after one year.
  6. Deceiving, considering he was the captain of U18 USA. Who owns his rights in the juniors ? maybe he should take Leblanc road, play a lot more regular games and get more game experience.
  7. Farm club never seemed so weak in years on paper, unless... Weber becomes the quaterback of this poor defense. Carle stays healthy Desharnais well, he is the only sure thing there. Avtsin ?? what to expect ? The arm injury last year trailed him one year back. Palushaj Career minor leaguer, pushed around easily i heard. Let's say he adds weight. Maxwell and Paccioretty having breakthrought years together.
  8. Good luck to Pennyworth, i am pretty sure he and Robitaille was the cheapest solution.
  9. Wasn't his arm destroyed by a career risk injury last year ?? So who's on the fwd top list to make the team ? Eller Paccioretty Avtsin Trotter Palushaj Desharnais White Looks like pretty good prospects to me.
  10. Let's say that with Brisebois and Boucher out. JM and Gauthier are more confortable in their job not being challenge. Safe to say enough ?
  11. Seriously, this team is losing assets in management. The biggest lost was Guy Boucher he had to be next coach, probably the best hockey IQ in theory and in action. Pierre Boivin, well, ask Georges Gillet how much money this guy made him make. He could sell because he understood his market. Julien Brisebois has been Gainey right hand men before taking full act of Hamilton GM and having success building a core of players able to win and develop. Goldenberg well i don't know him but changing players fitness program all the time doesn't help them much. Who knows how many douvle tr
  12. There are many trades in the work, but not in Montreal. As soon as Kovalchuk will be signed most of the teams will look out UFA realise there is not much there and look to trade.
  13. There is still a right shooting forward with size missing. Aaron Asham would complement Moen pretty well. Don't laught he was a one of the key forwards in Philly drive to the cup. He still has some decent speed, size, knows the game, can drop the gloves to defend team mates. Wich will be very helpful with Leafs and Boston line ups.
  14. Well at least we get bigger Auld is much taller than Halak. Boyd is bigger than Sergei. Stil need some right shooting forward.
  15. Ellis at 3 millions for 2 years :puke: I do no give a *hi* about goalie contraversy i want WINS. Auld is a goalie i always looked down to and say hey we have a chance to win tonight. Now it's the other way. Pittsburg just got way better today, they have the best catch out there with Paul Martin. He will give them way more than Gonchar use to give them. TSN leafs lovers crew are dripping on the floor with Colby Armstrong. I give them one thing Versteeg + Armstrong in a line up is fresh air and hard work. Sens are a bit better too. Anyway still some good catches to be made
  16. There is more action on the trade market thant the UFA. Meszaros move to Philly is surprising. They always find the money. Edmonton O'sullivan and Moreau are off their hands, they have acquire Vandermeer Other names on the trade market. Kaberle, Savard, Spezza, Gagné...we'll see. And don't ever mention Eklund brain farts, he's never ever in God's secret. Follow Mckenzie twitter if you want some reliable source, don't waste time and hit's on Eklund site.
  17. For all the words i hear about Frolov, i would hate that move. I want size, grit up, right shooter,i wish for Colby Armstrong. Could take on second line duties at time would be perfect on a third line.
  18. Spacek poor play did not help Hamrlik look at his best last year. At his age, time of his career he is a player the others look up to. He and PK will start the season together. PK rushing and Hammer stay lower. This is a better mix than Markov. Number 1 pair Hamrlik- Subban Gill- Gorges Spacek- O'byrne number 7 is in the system until Markov is back his name is Carle.
  19. Not much time left to sign Pouliot ... waiting for what ?
  20. Roasting Gauthier ? he had no cards in hands. What a stupid rule to make the Playoffs Conference finalist drop their first round pick to the benefits of other teams who are much stronger and finished ranking 1 to 4 best in the league. We would had not trade our second round pick to get BEEF. Maybe one thing, bring back the Nords somebody will gice quebecers a chance somewhere. Flush the Isles
  21. The kid is huge he is the captain of the best US-18 they had, he wull surely be a candidate for the next World Junior because he is already in the system. So for him he will have plenty of experience even if he stays in University Program. will get a better shape and health experts than sitting his 6.6 in bus all over the Western Canada. Notre Dame is all about defense, i prefer a guy who will master defense than a big guy trying to do a little bit of everything ala O'byrne. Master defense and dads slap shot would be more than ok for a 26th expected.
  22. My fear is there maybe nobody even KHL would want him. It's like calling back a crazy ex girlgriend as an option but if nobody else takes her your stuck with the trouble even in AHL.
  23. Either Théodore or Biron are a bit too good, Price would become their back up before year ends. Throwing puck at opponents, cross checking the wrong guy who crushed the net, blame MArkov for a weak goal one time too many and crying like a baby in the dessing room after a 6-0 lost. I would go for Wade Dubielewicz or Patrick Lalime, anybody weak enough to make Carey look good.
  24. Even if Sergei bolts KHL, wich will probably happen, retaining his right seem useless to me. He is a 6th round player with a bad attitude reputation and no sign of improvement. And coaches, even Carey Price !sic have tried everything to teach him professionalism. Pouliot case is what i watch more than prospects. I suspect many minor trades. If nothing comes out this week end Pouliot will be signed Monday. Beau Bennet and Mac Bennet are not related but will be on the habs family soon.
  25. Why Sergei ? Let himwalk cut him loose but if nobody wants him they have offered him a contract. I highly doubt anybody wants him.
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