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  1. I know. I was making the comparison assuming he would be putting on some additional muscle in the next year or two, as most rookies tend to do. The real question was, does the height really make as much difference in a player's ability to play D as the weight and the strength does?
  2. Which could make him a steal with a second-round pick -- if he works out, of course. I'd be very happy to see the Habs take a chance on him.
  3. At the draft, yes. But if the player has a given set of skills, does it really make a huge difference in his ability to play D whether he's 5'10/180 or 5'8/180? Potentially that's an inch or so of reach, but other than that?
  4. Yes. They cannot afford to have the #1 pick to be a bust, and Wright has clearly the highest floor (a 2C with solid defence at worst) of any of the prospects.
  5. On the Hughes press conference, he said that the interest in Petry was going up, and he was fielding more calls. Whether he can pull a winning deal out of the hat remains to be seen.
  6. Dvorak has scored the last two years (AZ and Montreal) at about a 55-point pace, on two low-scoring teams. To me that's plenty good enough for a 2C/3C for the next few years. And that's at $1.5M less AAV than a certain 3rd overall draft pick.
  7. It looks like they are pretty confident about being able to move Petry. My guess (pure speculation) is that we might see a veteran replacement more in the mould of Edmundson rather than Petry himself, to support the younger puck-moving D-men. We'll know in a few months whether I'm out to lunch or not. 🤪
  8. My observations ... Vegas is really, really desperate for cap space. And Hughes knew it Dadonov did not have the Habs on his 10-team NTC list. Why is that? Hugo must be confident that they can trade Petry (or possibly Hoffman, given the extra winger that just arrived) Commandant's trade deadline strategy makes sense, Dadonov is 33 already so unlikely to stay for the rebuild If Price ends up on LTIR, though, we are more or less back where we started, except with Dadonov on the roster Unless they are about to trade Price to Arizona (which he is surely not going to accept)
  9. I think Niku is very much a credible AHL player, though. And $200-300K in the AHL would be significantly more than he would make in Liiga. So, my bet is that he will be in the AHL next year as well.
  10. Kudos to Lindgren for two very solid wins (and one somewhat less solid one) against the Rocket. I think he outplayed Hofer in the series and fully earned the game 7 start.
  11. A long story on the Lehkonen trade in the Athletic today, with comments from Hughes, Lehkonen and Sakic. Basically Sakic was pursuing Lehkonen for weeks, and Hughes kept saying "no", until Sakic finally added the second-round pick 15 minutes before the deadline. The Habs coaches were unhappy with the Kulak trade, and even more so when they found out that they lost Lehkonen, too. Lehkonen himself knew it was business, but if he were to be traded, Colorado was his #1 destination.
  12. Given how frequently we have the first overall pick (NOT) or even a top-five pick, I would be very hesitant to risk it, even if there is the potential of a slightly higher upside.
  13. I think Hofer is officially rattled now. After allowing only five goals in his first four playoff games, he has given up 11 in four games against the Rocket. And he lost his cool in game four already. The Rocket needs to keep putting traffic in front of him, and they can take the seventh game. Shots and goals in the third period:
  14. Martel has been impressive in the playoffs (9g+5a in 15 games). Unlikely that he has any long-term NHL potential though.
  15. Right now we have one older prospect (Primeau) who should hopefully be at least an NHL #2; another one who might not make it to a regular #2 (Montembeault); one who is not looking so promising any more (Dichow); and two who look good but it's really very early to tell (Dobes and Vrbetic). With goalies, you can usually tell something once they are in the AHL, but you really can't do the final separation of the wheat from the chaff until you drop them into an NHL game. No good algorithm for predicting NHL success that anyone has been able to come up with.
  16. Six minutes on penalty kill (DSP called for a double minor for high-sticking) but the Rocket survived that. Scoreless at the end of the first, shots 9-5 for Springfield.
  17. There are few high-ranked goalies in this draft -- Wheeler didn't rank a single one in this top 100 -- so picking one at 33 would likely be a big reach. And goalies are voodoo anyway. We also have Primeau, Dobes, Vrbetic and Dichow, who might (or might not) make it to NHL starter. And there are basically only four goalie spots to be had between Laval and TR.
  18. That's five players 6'4 or taller ... whoever it is, is likely not picking them for speed.
  19. At the minimum, they will have taken the semifinal series to six games, a solid result for a team that hasn't had much recent playoff success. But, let's hope they can do better than that -- they did split the first two games in Springfield.
  20. Springfield scores a late second goal, and off to overtime we go again, for the third time in five games.
  21. Eight minutes to go, and they are still clinging to a one-goal edge. But Springfield is pressing, and I worry that the Rocket will take one penalty too many yet ...
  22. That's exactly why I'm wondering. Lindros had been the scheduled starter in any case, but I could not find anything about an AHL decision on Hofer.
  23. So, did Hofer not get suspended for his spearing and game misconduct at the end of game 4 (which started the full brawl)? Or is the AHL decision deferred?
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