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  1. You are correct. But at this point I would expect that the Habs aren't looking for "an NHLer", they will be looking for someone who might become a top-line forward or top-pairing D. And those percentages drop off even faster.
  2. I don't think we need more picks (at least not for this year). Better picks are always good, though.
  3. Florida will need to shape up if they are to make it through. Only two goals in the first two games ...
  4. Rochester scored three goals in the third to take a 4-2 win over Utica, so the Rocket will take on the 'murks next.
  5. The big ice surface may be working out well for him -- I do think it is for Farrell.
  6. Anderson 0g+1a, 13:38 TOI in Canada 6-3 win over Kazakhstan. Farrell 0g+2a, 19:07 TOI in US 3-0 win over Great Britain.
  7. They should be trading him as soon as their season is over, should they not, for picks or prospects?
  8. 1g+3a for McDavid ... and he doesn't even rank a third star.
  9. Armia 0g+1a, 15:20 TOI in Finland 2-3 OT loss to Sweden.
  10. Belzile now up to four goals in five games, and Niku leads the team with five points (all assists).
  11. Whatever happens in the next series, they will already have won one more round than the Leafs.
  12. Dichow on the bench in Denmark 2-1 win over Italy
  13. Are the rankings similar if you only look at the first and maybe second rounds? I don't have an easy way to find this out ...
  14. The Habs have an embarrassment of riches legitimate D-prospects coming up and it'll be a battle to see which ones earn roster spots, which ones will get more experience in Laval, and which ones end up being traded. There are few elite prospects in the bunch, but certainly multiple ones with middle-pairing potential (and thus trade value). Much nicer (for us) than having a bare cupboard, but the path to the Bell Centre won't be easy for many of the prospects.
  15. I didn't have time to stream today's game. iihf.com provides streaming for all games ... unless you (and your VPN connection) are in Canada.
  16. Apart from the fact that few junior or European leagues have any significant analytics data available ... analytics can only capture what could be measured on the ice. It cannot tell you how the player is training, or what his shooting style is, or how accurate his passes are, or what his health is, or why the coach sat him in the third period, or whether he shows leadership qualities, or what his work ethic is, or ... things that only a human can assess, at least for now.
  17. Anderson 0g+2a, 14:54 TOI in Canada 4-1 win over Slovakia Armia 0g+0a, 15:09 TOI in Finland 4-1 win over USA Farrell 0g+0a, 15:53 TOI (as forward) in USA 1-4 loss to Finland
  18. Yes, that absolutely should be. But it rarely gets called. It's pretty obvious in this video:
  19. Injuries (Ikonen, Brook, Juulsen etc) can strike any prospect, that's pretty much independent of whether you pick based on expected performance or based on ceiling. But, with the number of picks we have, there will be some safe choices there, too. And some riskier picks will end up being bottom-six players rather than stars or total busts. So, I think tending to picking based on maximum potential (in general) should work the best.
  20. I tend to agree with the Commandant that we should swing for the fences with at least some of the later picks, rather than going safe. Middle-six players are far easier to find, even on waivers (see Pitlick, Rem), but top forwards (and D-men) pretty much need to be drafted.
  21. Anderson 1g+1a, 15:05 TOI in Canada 5-1 win over Italy Farrell 0g+1a, 11:22 TOI in USA 3-2 OT win over Latvia Dichow 20/25 saves, 40:00 TOI in Denmark 6-0 loss to Switzerland
  22. I'm pretty sure he'd cost more (and with more remaining term) than Petry.
  23. I think it basically depends on whether they have kept a rosters spot open. Granlund joined the Finnish team just yesterday, and I think they're still hoping for Heiskanen.
  24. Still at 1-0 after two, Primeau with 23 saves on 24 shots.
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