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  1. Yo do remember that Bergevin made some moves and that the Habs lost to Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup Final round last season, right ?
  2. The end of The Inbetweener in Command.
  3. Still can't believe I managed to sell my tickets for this game less than 24 hours before it started. Dodged a big one there
  4. Great game and all, the one question remain : How the hell did Tanev and Wideman avoided the penalty box ?!?!?!
  5. I was trying to find the Habs sign David Savard thread to shit on him this morning, but seems like this thread is the one...
  6. With what Drouin dropped today, if true, what happens for Nashville ?
  7. Drouin straight up said on air that Weber retired, that veryone knows it by now. 😐
  8. A) 33-37-5-7 B) 5th place C) 23rd D) 32 goals
  9. What a ####ing shit show. Stanley Cup final followd by - Losing Weber all season and possibly forever - Losing KK to an offer sheet - Losing Price for extended period of time FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCK
  10. Quick survey here for those who follow prospects closely (looking in your direction Cypress Hill, euh I mean Ben) Within the let's say 3 last drafts (19-20-21), who are the top 10-15 prospects to grab in Dynasty Mode ? Lafrenière, Byfield, Caufield, Zegras come to mind. Where would you rank the Perfetti, Raymond, Newhook, Podkolzin ???
  11. Interview on TVASports with Jayden Struble this morning. He says that his ongoing groin injury is now gone and that he's finally playing 100% healthy. His groin was bothering him since the summer of 2019 when he missed Habs development camp. Also (maybe) missed World Juniors because of this in 2020. Goes as far as saying that "I will have the impact that I want to have in the NHL. I have everything in hands to control my destiny. There is no limit to what I can bring on the table in this league." Pretty confident man if you ask me. https://www.tvasports.ca/2021/09/03/ch-le-bulldozer-americain-pret-a-tout-casser
  12. Within the first 12 months of Aho's sheet, the signing bonus were like 11M$ and 9M$ for 20M$ total. I believe the 20$ to KK is related to that as well.
  13. The idea would be to target a player that has been shopped for quite some time. That would somewhat even things out in terrs of position of weakness.
  14. I call bullshit on the notion of a GM thankful after matching an offer sheet. If the deal is so great that the player signs it and so great that the GM thanks us, then why this deal hasn't been already signed between the two parties ?
  15. My feeling exactly. if MB believes KK is a future 6M$ player, then I think he should match. if not, take the pick and go after a Dvorak level player.
  16. Holy shit, that shootout CAN vs SWE was INSANE !!!!!!!!!!
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