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  1. Tatar is a mystery for me. How comes he dries out like this in the offseason at a point where he's not even top 12 on a team already missing Drouin and Evans ?!?! He looks calm with the puck in the reg, makes good decisions, creates scoring chances, burries some himself. I don't get it.
  2. Oh man. I feel for your male relay team.
  3. woah !! it was broadcasted live on National TV here at 8h50am
  4. Gold for DeGrasse in the 200m !! YEAH !
  5. I must admit that I prefer the winter Games, but I've rarely been that much NOT invested in the Olympics in my life. Probably because it's overnight. I remember always watching rowing, a lot of swimming races, most of track and field events like 100m, 200m, relay, long jump, high jump, pole, etc. But this year, nada. I barely watched the male 100m final to see DeGrasse and that's it.
  6. I have my doubt. the closest he went in terms of adding a puck moving dman since Markov left is Gustaffson II. (Sergachev was already drafted AND he still traded him)
  7. I wish we'd go after a legit top 4 puck moving dman instead of a redondant shutdown guy.
  8. This would ease up a DeAngelo signing. 🤦
  9. William Eklund will be selected by an NHL team tonight. E4
  10. Are Seattle tanking for next season's draft with the great top 3 ???
  11. Alright, so Price couldn't be picked up by Seattle and traded back with salary retention. But Danault as a real UFA ? Could he ?
  12. Yannick Weber folks, relax.... Yannick Weber retires from NHL after 13 seasons
  13. A proper rubuild would have, in my opinion, older dmen and younger forwards, not the opposite. Drafting Sergachev was the beginning of what could have been a proper rebuild. Trading Sergachev put an end to it.
  14. I sure hope that tall the injury talk related to Price and Weber will work out fine for us. Otherwise, I might spend some time in jail.
  15. Easy fix for next CBA. Playoffs cap hit. Regular cap + x% or xM$
  16. Unless Danault and Bergevin agree on on short contract, I can't see Danault going for less than 5.5 in Montreal with taxes and everything. Buying UFA years means going over 5M$ IMO. RHN money, minimum.
  17. Haha. Thanks. Rough day at home with a kid being sick and myself banged up as well. Go Yvonne !!!!!!
  18. Sorry guys, totally forgot. One of my kid is sick and so am I.
  19. Just saw this post. Is the clip somewhere available on the world wide web ?
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