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  1. He’s on 40 goals pace, sure. But also a 12 assists pace.
  2. My criteria is roughly "Who would I pick on my team?" Maybe not in my top 25 for RW is a bit extreme though.
  3. Only for RW, I don't have Josh in my Top 25, let alone C and LW. Anderson is NOWHERE near a star FW.
  4. Caufiled as a star forward is more likely 3 years away than 1.5 in my opinion.
  5. Does this come with some kind of agreement that Brisebois has to play top 6 or something ?
  6. To be fair, take any team's 10 best games of the season and their production will most likely be "woeful".
  7. Don't rush things here. MB took 6 years to fix #1C (is it fixed though?) Only 4 years for #1LD. He still has time.
  8. I'd be very fine with treating over the boards just like icings. Faceoff in your zone, no change up, no timeout allowed for your team. The penalty is, IMO, unnecessery.
  9. About Ducharme, can we not use DD on this message board ? I read David Desharnais all the time.
  10. About that... I still have an avatar of Plekanec's playoffs performance.
  11. So Gallagher had time to get run over by the dman, get up, make the deflection, but the goalie didn’t have time to get back into play ?!?!?! Terrible.
  12. The downfall of the NYR's season is quite amazing. DeAngelo gone. Zibanejad totally MIA (has like 4 points in 20 games) Adam Fox also very quiet and now Panarin with some Voynov kind of problems in Russia after showing support to Navalny I, for one, is shocked by all of this. I was seing the NYR quite big before season started, even drafted Shesterkin AND the NYR as a Team in my fantasy pool along with Buchnevich.
  13. Either you spend 13,5M on goalies or you have shitty backup. Can't really have both, or at least, without gambling on your backup hoping he turns out putting Ws all season long.
  14. His cap hit is less than 3M$. Give me a break with Allen's cap hit. Unless you absolutely want to go with a 6 figures backup. Byron's cap hit is higher than that. I say Pay a pick ton unload Byron if necessary. Keep Allen if you're serious about going deep in the playoffs.
  15. Why not extend that quality backup for one more season into the "Price-Weber" window ???
  16. Like I said, do not sell the farm at no cost. A 2nd pick to pick anyone but Jake Allen... Instead of losing Jake Allen. IMO, it's a good move.
  17. We own two 2nd round picks and three picks in each of round 3, 4 and 5. Let's just make a deal with Seattle and force them to pick whoever we want. Just like Columbus did with W. Karlsson. I wouldn't sell the farm for such a deal, but if it was to save us some trouble, I'd be glad to pay to keep the players I love most.
  18. Put some beers in the fridge, tonight is a real game.
  19. No joke, our 6 dmen would crack their top 3. Sad to say, but I would ice Romanov over anyone on their squad not named Chabot. And he is a mistake prone rookie.
  20. Hahaha. Totally used that line on Facebook. I’ll send you some of the likes.
  21. Trade him to Ottawa, he will slide right into their top 4 just as he's been used to with our poor LD depth the past few years.
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