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  1. totally agree with Habsfan on O'byrne and price. We need OB in soon, and I'm really happy with Price's play.
  2. I'm panicking. Absolutely terrified.... No, actually, I'm not, but I am actually a bit concerned about the way we've played the last two games. Let's hope they're able to adjust before tomorrow night and pick up the pace a bit.
  3. I would also rather have Gorges, but I want to add that it's not like we got Gorges for Rivet straight up. Let's please not forget the pick that turned out to be Patrocietty (sp??)
  4. I was about to post his quote too. Soooooooooooooooo glad they're not going handlebar !
  5. Beards/Goatees will be fine. Please please PLEASE no handlebar moustaches!
  6. I think you're right Chris. The fan in me wants them to win no matter what, but strategically speaking, it might be better for them to lose and lose badly so they get their act together.
  7. Good point. thanks. I'm just anxious to find out.
  8. any news from anywhere on Saku? Weren't tests supposed to be done today? X-rays I believe?
  9. I agree. I know we're not in *as much* trouble as a few years ago when he was out of the lineup against Carolina, but I think ppl still really underestimate his importance to the team. We're not ready to compete regularly without him yet.
  10. If this is true it TOTALLY sucks!!! hope the rest of the team can pull together around this. I know, some people are probably thinking sak hasn't done all that much this year, but we still haven't had to play without him, and a few years ago when we did (aganst Carolina) the results were awful!
  11. exactly. As usual, I can't help but agree with you BTH...
  12. I voted for #6. Just too hilarious to pass up but in reality, I'm thinking (hoping) we go deep on price's back.
  13. neither would I. Call me crazy and I know we're sick of waiting for our prospects to develop, but I would either sign a cheap vet as a back up or go with Price and Halak next year and risk it... It may screw us next year, but the year after, they'll have experience and they'll be good...
  14. though I think you're being a *little* harsh on Higgins, I agree with your defence of Koivu...
  15. most important are wins. that generates confidence and stats will come. I mean, if they'd won 8-6 I'd be more concerned, but 3-2 is okay...
  16. what the??? Yeah, third and 4th lines are crazy. and I agree that if this isn't to shop Ryder, there's no good reason for him to be on one of the top two lines right now.
  17. I don't understand.... did he complain or make some sort of comments indicating unhappiness at his linemates??
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