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  1. Winnipeg had a team, so did quebec, They lost them. Hamilton? Why? Gretzky likes phoenix. I like Nashville, probably more than I ever liked the Jets or the Nordiques I'm not sure a canadian league would be the answer. Vinny sure likes the "un-hockeyish" Tampa. So much so he will never come to his home-town to play for the Habs. You should start your own league
  2. Here is a pretty informative timeline on how things occurred. It all makes sense it just smells like Shannahan, Brierre, etc.....bullcrap all over again. I'm out! Time line
  3. Spector reports NYR have also been given rights. Is this legal? Why not just give every team the rights based on "IF MATS signs with you the Leafs get .........." this is getting stupid. I'm not reading anymore bullshit and will save my energy to be or not be excited July 1. How can two teams get exclusive rights?
  4. Koivu will be around for sure. Kovalev will be a game breaker if he plays like last year and not the year before, ditto for Tanguay. Regardless, they will all be around after the deadline. I'm thinking if we can land Sundin we do not have to have the #1 powerplay, lead in goals for or even end up in first place. I would rather have all guys mentioned above score timely goals and share that load through-out the season and play-offs winning games when they are most important, and not choking when we really need the wins. If that was to occur, it would be a luxury us habs fans have not had for many,many years.
  5. Ya I just read that too and realized I was very misinformed to start a Higgins compensation argument.
  6. or the Leafs picking "THE NEXT ONE" in 09. They will surely finish last next season.
  7. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you guys or the reporters. Who knows who is involved in the deal, but you need to keep one thing straight. If in fact it is Higgins......I don't know. It will only happen if Mats actually signs in Montreal , if he doesn't the Leafs get nothing....so it's not Higgins for the rights to speak with Mats, it's Higgins if Mats signs with us, so it would be just like a trade at the end of the day. . On the other hand July 1st is around the corner Sundin's price will dramatically shoot into the 8-9 millions should other teams get involved. Maybe getting a deal done early will save Gainey a million or 2 and Higgins is worth the price in Gainey's eyes. Higgins was involved in the deal last season. Mats used his no-trade clause to stop the deal. What does that tell you? 1. Gainey was giving Higgins away anyway. 2. Mats said NO. He might not even want to play in Montreal, so there is a very very big chance that this whole Sundin to Montreal will never happen anyway. What do you think of them apples?
  8. Spector reports this...... "TORONTO STAR: Kevin McGran reports Montreal Canadiens GM Bob Gainey is expected to fly to Sweden this week to meet with Mat Sundin in hopes of convincing the now-former Maple Leafs captain to sign with the Habs.McGran also reports if Gainey is successful in signing Sundin the compensation to the Leafs, who granted Gainey permission to negotiate with him, will likely be a player rather than a draft pick, suggesting winger Chris Higgins might be heading to Toronto. TORONTO SUN: Mike Zeisberger reports of speculation the Habs might ship their first round pick in 2009 to Toronto as compensation for Sundin. SPECTOR'S NOTE: Gainey is going for it this summer to improve his team's chances of winning the Stanley Cup next season. I agree with McGran's suggestion that the return could be Higgins, as the Habs will need to free up some cap space to comfortably absorb Sundin's possible contract, newly-acquired Alex Tanguay's $5.25 million for next season, and for Andrei Kostitsyn's new contract. Is this wishful thinking on McGrans part, or could it be that Gainey would consider this a fair trade. I like all the speculation for compensation you all have written......Grabs, draft picks etc....... but as usual seem to be easy trade offs for habs fans. I am a little worried that it just may be Higgins. Let's hope not.
  9. Using the word "young studs" and then looking at your avatar, is kind of creeping me out.........ewwwww!!! Other than that......yes! GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!
  10. It's hard to trade a player you don't have rights to. So if Bob signed Ryder and I just haven't heard yet, I doubt it's him going to the Leafs........unless of course we've given the Leafs the rights to talk to him. Who knows........Might just be picks next year or after
  11. That's funny. I guess Gainey is thinking if equipment size is going down and it will be measured against each individual and his actual size for protection he will find the biggest and fattest hunk of human to put in net. Is he any good? He looks good.
  12. Better then Ryder, and hopefully has a career year like his first year in Calgary
  13. Looking forward to Beauregard. Desharnis is 21 and only 5'6 at 177 pounds. He puts up points but man that is small. Is he maby bigger now?
  14. The concerns you have about How Sundin would fit? are a little like walking on eggshells. I hope we are not so fragile that adding a player with his talent would kill the dressing room or line combination. I think it would be a perfect time for a Sundin type of player. Start him out with TlTs and Kovalev. Adjust as needed. Koivu can centre the second line and Pleks on the third. As the season wears on Koivu move him to third and bring Pleks into the second line. Let the season dictate the rest. It would be a good time to start the Koivu transition. He will still be the player he is but the wear and tear of the season won't burn him out. TlTS SUNDIN KOVALEV HIGGINS KOIVU LiL TlTS LATENDRESSE PLEKS D'AGOSTINI or Trotter or new signing BEGIN LAPS KOSTO I wouldn't be bummed to start the season with that. Some might think Pleks doesn't deserve to be on the 3rd line but Carbo rolls 4 lines and if Pleks gets hot he'll get ice time, also we can limit Saks when he starts to fry out.
  15. Yup. The feeling is mutual. Sometimes we at Habsworld jump the gun on our prospects. It's true that Gainey has committed to Price but that doesn't mean he will play great all next year. The play-offs proved that he can have some serious melt downs and look like a below average goalie. I'm sure Jaro will get plenty of games based solely on Carey's slumps. I hope Jaro uses those moments to prove he should be #1. I don't want to lose him just yet and have yet another goalie slamming doors on another team. Much like the Theo, Garon situation we had.
  16. I agree. Sure Pens big three are great but I would rather focus on Vinnie. I am optimistic with very few on these boards Vinnie will entertain Montreal's UFA offers next summer, No Doubt. I think there is a very big chance of landing Lecavalier next summer, possibly even by March when Tampa starts to worry about losing him for nothing. This thread more realistically should be titled "BLOCKBUSTER Trade Montreal/Tampa."
  17. Naaa, who cares about Cujo. I'd rather just stay with Halak and Price tandem. I got excited about Kolzig because him and Price have a friendship already and a lot of things in common. I thought maybe it would be a good thing like Theo and Hackett. I want Halak to stick around it's just a bummer he is already unhappy. You never know, He may rise above Price, nothing is etched in stone until we start seeing W's in the win column I hope Halak can remain patient.
  18. The guy needs to look in the mirror and realize that he's good but not what he used to be and he's almost 40. Besides, let's say we sign him and have a similar season as last and Price cheese's out again in the play-offs. Wouldn't that be Ollie's chance. There is a reason Washington kept playing Huet. Oh well if he's not ready to take a mentor back-up role it wouldn't be wise for us to sign him expecting that. Gainey also mentioned in the press conference that we were set in goal, and will be looking at outside help in forwards. My guess is it will be Price and Halak next year whether he likes it or not.
  19. The statistics don't really mean anything to me. Yes, there is a better chance that a North American captain will win a cup purely on the 2-1 ratio you bring up, but not only are the new Euro's playing tougher, harder, and meaner now that they are adapting to North American style of play, I think that the Stanley Cup is actually starting to mean something to them. It's a lot easier to become a more complete and competitive player if you know, understand, and desire what you are fighting for. I think Europeans, as kids, genuinely want to come play hockey in America and "WIN THE STANLEY CUP" which I'm not sure was the case 15-20 yrs ago. We are only now starting to see some of that desire in guys like Ovechkin, Saku, Sundin etc........ GO SAKU GO!!!!!!!!!!
  20. I wouldn't challenge what you are saying, but autism awareness is at a peak with so many children suffering. Montreal being such a big city there has to be some great programs available. Regardless, I do feel bringing in Kolzig would be a very smart option for Gainey to investigate. A lot of individuals would benefit.
  21. Not an official link but according to this Caps fan Olaf is UFA this summer. Hmmmmmmm KOLZIG Free this summer? May be just the right thing to help Price develop more comfortably. Confirmed........He is available. I'm sure he would take a huge pay-cut. His price tag is quite steep. AVAILABLE HE IS......
  22. I'm not sure I would trade him to Washington, but if we did trade him somewhere, bringing in Kolzig as a solid veteran, to mentor Price and play a few games is a brilliant idea. Since they already have a relationship and Kolzig is getting old that just might resolve the issue and everyone would benefit. If we had to get rid of Halak this would be the way to do it. Gainey!!!!!!! You listening? What is Kolzig's UFA status?
  23. Agreed. He is young, but a guy is size will burn quickly. You could see in his face how exhausted he was the last few games, I'm sure stress had a lot to do with that. I'd like to see a 60/30 split. Halak may even find that fair.
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