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  1. attempting to find a way. glad to hear positive feedback!
  2. hey guys, I put everything I had in me to make this video for the upcoming season...hope you enjoy!
  3. no cole+gionta+gomez= a lot of cap space for solid UFAs....it really wouldn't be the end of the world
  4. Ron Hainsey is a bum and Beauchemin is pretty poor defensively? the only good piece out of those 4 is McDonaugh. otherwise, they can all get bent. subban will ink its just a matter of financials at this point.
  5. i wouldn't give the Montreal Canadiens or the NHL/NHLPA a single red dime this season. RDS HD it is all season long...the first 5 games of the season every team should play in an empty rink..it would make the league and the players realize that they are nothing without the fans
  6. the biggest change I would like to see is a change to the point system, not so much the rules. 2 points for shootout, 3 for the win. make the shootout 5 shooters instead of 3. none of this tie garbage...it's boring..and the 21st century. i'd also like to see the kicking rule re-evaluated for goals that are waved off (if you can kick a puck in count the thing..the goalie was hopeless in his efforts). I would like to see harsher suspensions for headshots (upwards to 20 games as well as hefty fines). reduce the youth-age cap and eligibility rules, get the geezers out of the game and bring the speed in! have the stanley cup winner play the KHL winner in a 7 game series (that would be so cool) bring in two expansion teams: one back to Quebec City and add a second team to the GTA lastly, the draft All-star draft game needs to go..bring back North America/World all star games! outside the glass: fair ticket prices fair beer prices ($11.73 for a large draft is outrageous..and $4.00 bottled waters is highway robbery) less expensive jerseys and merchandise
  7. 8GP 4G 6A 10 Pts...What a heater season!!!! GOMEZ FTW
  8. RDS.ca and TSN would be all over this story...they wouldn't name a new GM in the middle of the night. go to sleep..your bored
  9. I disagree. Montreal needs a guy like McGuire in charge. he will go after the monster performers and has extensive knowledge about the game/system and really has the book on a lot of players. perfect guy imo
  10. i dont even know whether to cheer when the habs score and gather points or not? #failforNAIL
  11. this is good for showcase value purposes
  12. I'm hoping for a loss. The draft class is full of talent this yr
  13. speaking of negativity...i figured this would be the perfect game to post this... http://didgomezscore.com/ funny...but dreadful
  14. oh yes..let's move our best playoff producer (Cammalleri)....really smart? give your head a shake guys. who is Cammalleri going to yield in equivalent value when he is supposedly depreciating in value anyway? Why is he being used as a scapegoat in a season where a vast majority of the team has underachieved? a majority of you on here are so optimistic, short term moves don't fix long term leaks. If you want to yield value, trade players who are overexceeding their regular play and hope that a GM is unable to read between the lines. Also, last time a team made a deep run in the playoffs with an interim head coach? can't think of it to be quite honest..and even if they did, they didn't get very far (with very few exceptions)! Randy Cunneyworth is an assistant coach doing a Head Coach's job right now. let's take a deep breath and realize that this team doesn't have much chemistry (if any at all), and they need some severe changes in order to become a legitimate contender. so with that being said, I bring to you all the sell list: 1) Andrei Kostitsyn--looks stellar some nights, ghost on others; will probably want big $ in offseason, isn't cap friendly for point production 2) Hal Gill--As much as I like gill and his PK expertise and big body presence, he would be a reasonably priced rental for a contender. may yield a pick 3) Travis Moen--his grit may be needed for a playoff contender thats lacking 3rd or 4th line depth--could yield a pick 4) Yannick Weber--versatile, big shot, might excel in another market..think after this year it's the end of the road for him and the habs anyway 5) Brian Gionta--Yes, I said it. Never thought this day would come, but leadership is basically non-existent. NJ would be a prime trading partner (since his brother is coming up in the system)--may actually yield an ok return or prospect [if he's healthy in time..not looking likely] 6) Andrei Markov--which GM rolls the dice on the human band-aid? lets hope he plays PPG if he's back in time to showcase and dump him on the 27th- this WILL yield us something good and what we NEED up front 7) DD--Why? we need size up front. he is 8/10 NHL players b!tch in the corners..not very effective on special teams either..over-exceeding year as well ____________________________ Untouchables: 1) Cole 2) Maxpax 3) Plex 4) Cammy 5) Subban 6) Emelin 7) Leblanc 8) Gorges 9) the prospects of Gallagher, Beaulieu, Tinordi time to pack it in boys--bring up the farm, play for Yakupov, and hopefully get Kuznetsov's pick somehow. If not them, at least it's a big draft class this year. One might view this post as pessimistic, another may view it as a step in the right direction towards a promising long-term future for the organization
  15. i got habs colour slippers from gongshow hockey..rocking them out right now actually lol
  16. first a fire Martin thread, now a fire Gauthier thread. what's next a hire C-Love for GM thread?
  17. gorges is worth 3 million/yr tops. Habs have Markov, Diaz, Emelin, Kaberle, Subban and Weber set for next season (and possibly Gill coming back for one more season) I have seen Gorges out there on a lot of goals this year where his coverage hasn't been up to par. Gill i would want back only because of his expertise on the 5 on 3 and big body. I think a guy like gorges is replaceable and isn't an untouchable on the team at this point. Also need to take into account that Tinordi and Beaulieu should be NHL ready soon.
  18. well..at least Travis Moen didn't shoot ... nahhh hell with it I'll begin the criticism. it's too easy to criticize this team... so with that being said..game analysis: can't blame carey price on the loss tonight he did his job and held colombus to two goals. your not going to win many games in the NHL if you score two goals a night, especially against a basement dweller with a BACKUP goalie in net. that was a prime opportunity to grab two points and instead they came up with just one; which imo, they were fortunate to get. I can't visualize this team destined for post-season hockey in spring 2012? why? the depth chart is not deep at all...it's shallow and outcomes are dictating that. this team broke the .500 mark once I believe all season long if im not mistaken? sick of hearing markov this markov that..he's not going to go out there and make a night and day difference. Other teams got the vital pieces to the puzzle, we simply didn't but instead re-signed a defenseman that is apparently made of glass. perhaps you could argue that i'm being results oriented but it's downright frustrating watching this teams inability to come up with points when they are basically being handed to them on a silver platter. the bright points: emelin is proving that be belongs in the NHL..his physical play is exactly the grit habs have been lacking on the blue line for years. cole had a decent night but couldnt cash, subban is finally hitting the net..and eventually good things will come his way (notably his rushes in OT..which I am unsure as to why he doesn't do more often in regulation). The rest were ballerinas out there and couldn't do a thing. It very well may come down to the coaching staff getting axed for the goat to save his own ass, and to potentially light a fire underneath a team that doesn't look like a contender atm, but instead a massive pretender.
  19. Uhhhh...Why am I hearing Markov is going to require surgery again? If so..WTF are the habs waiting for and why isn't Markov put on the LTIR so we cN get that cap space free!
  20. that was so painful to watch..especially because the habs just...well..theres no nicer way to put it..facked me out of 354 dollars on proline loss is entirely on Martin and his STUPID decision making putting TRAVIS MOEN in the shootout....his fuse just went KABOOM..make it happen PG..if PG doesn't do it then upper management better step in and do something..this is unacceptable hockey....they blew it. I gotta also say price was a friggin sieve in the shootout too....
  21. what i dont get is that gomez was potentially moveable prior to the season since some teams hadn't hit the cap floor yet. I think sending him to the minors would be of benefit to Gomez..remind him that there are other players who have paid their dues to get to the AHL and are salivating for an NHL roster spot. 1 goal since February of last season will not cut it..and a 4th line role is virtually pointless. He's about the equivalent to Samsonov, but worse due to cap reasons
  22. its good to be optimistic sometimes..but losing to bottom feeding teams isn't going to allow forward motion. oh ps, you forgot to mention how we are 6 points from being dead last in the East. There's two ways of looking at the glass..you see it as half full..I see it as half empty.
  23. its pretty night and day to me that Martin's system is not working for the habs; its simply ineffictive. There are still 60 some games remaining. Montreal is a hockey market that doesn't put up with poor play, and by the way games are being played..the body language on the bench is obviously non-existent. To be quite honest, I think along with the firing of Martin, some trades and acquisitions wouldn't be a bad idea. The person who really hasn't faced any criticism is Gionta. I'm beginning to question his leadership and ability to get this team going. As much as I didn't like him..Saku Koivu was a leader. It seems like Gionta has been too quiet and maybe the 'C' isn't the proper role for him. A player like Jarome Iginla would be so beneficial for us, but I'm not sure if we have the right assets to acquire him.
  24. can we not just buy Scott Gomez out already? he's worth a bag of pucks anyways..a 7 or 8.5 million dollar bag of pucks at that I think sharks bulldoze us tonight..its tough to be optimistic when the team started the preseason with a garbage record, started the regular season off marginal at best, and continues to play inconsistent throughout vital months....is anybody else wondering if this team will be in the playoff picture come the dreadful "Christmas break road trip?" because I sure as heck am!
  25. stay thirsty my friends
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