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  1. I hope this regime will take any warm body off the street to plug lineup holes rather than jeopardizing our prospects' development.
  2. Harris even mentioned in a recent interview that he's been practicing details of playing on the right side.
  3. There aren't many teams in the east worse than us. Philly maybe? I say we finish in the bottom 6 overall. I'd say we are tanking because we're prioritizing development over winning now. We're not doing it as overtly as Chicago this year or Buffalo a few years ago, but we're still aiming for a top pick.
  4. Habs are going to put any warm body there. We'll be bad no matter who.
  5. Happy retirement PK! Probably the best skater we got to watch in a Habs uniform over the last 25 years. I always suspected his game wouldn't age well, and it turns out the once maligned Weber trade worked out decently for us and we didn't have to suffer the back end of Schwebby's endless contract. I hope PK's got a nice media gig in the states lined up.
  6. Suzuki for PM when he retires! I appreciate them making an appearance on Quebec TV, and that the hosts and crowd really welcomed them warmly, but the whole thing is so awkward and cringey that I can barely watch a couple minutes of it.
  7. I can understand not choosing Eddy or Gally if we're planning to trade them within a couple of years. Suzy is young and media savvy, I think he'll do a good job if we surround him with other leaders in the locker room.
  8. At least it's not something goofy like Taco Bell or Viagra.
  9. The term gives us a chance at a bargain deal in years 3 and 4, while the money isn't enough to be crippling. I'm glad it's not 8 years like KK got, and a two year deal doesn't have that much upside in my mind - if he does well we have to give him a big raise right away. At his age and pedigree we should still be able to trade him if he's a bust. If anything it was a mistake to trade the pick we got for Romy, not Romy himself.
  10. 3.36M isn't an albatross, it's more of a seagull - and that's if he's barely an NHLer. If he tops out as a third liner he'll only be slightly overpaid. Great deal by Hughes.
  11. Rumours of 4x3.5 for Dach, seems reasonable to me and not crazy term like KK got.
  12. Looks like another shrewd move from Kommander Kent to add a 1st. Monahan can be flipped at the deadline if he comes back and looks like a serviceable depth C.
  13. Therrien probably wasn't the best communicator judging by the above clip, but he seems to be a good motivator who got good results out of the squad on the whole. Assistant coaches are there to fill in the details.
  14. Haha well considering that we were neither winning nor focusing on developing young players, I guess Ducharme could have just picked one.
  15. With Huberdeau likely heading to free agency next year, do the Habs make a play to sign him for ~$10M? On the one hand, we hardly ever get the chance to add this kind of talent, on the other he'll be 30 and probably doesn't fit into our timeline for the rebuild.
  16. If Dach is as good as Danault this is a home run. I'm just hoping we're not in for a repeat of KK viewing experience, desperately waiting for any elite skills to manifest.
  17. Yeah it's a bit of good press, but until a French star on the level of PLD or Huberdeau actually comes here of their own volition I'm not putting much stock in it.
  18. I love PK, but I'm skeptical of whether he'd be the best guy to mentor the young D and create a winning culture. Seems like a bit of a boat-rocker and more focused on his media career at this point. Apparently he doesn't get along with Gallagher, and probably others in the organization. Strikes me as a little risky for such a low reward acquisition.
  19. Is saving one or two mil on the AAV worth giving up serious assets during a period where we won't be close to competing? I'd be making this sort of calculus when we're not at rock bottom. To get to contention we have to either draft immaculately, make signings for free or win a bunch of trades. If PLD actually wants to be here that bad (which I'm skeptical of, more likely it's his agent drumming up interest), let him put his money where his mouth is and get to free agency. Dvorak and Anderson for PLD is good for us on paper though I doubt the Jets would be thrilled with that return. At this point in the rebuild, however, I'd rather unload Dvorak and Anderson for top picks or prospects and hope for PLD or someone else in free agency.
  20. If PLD wants to be here so bad, let him come here as a UFA. If we're building a contender we can't afford to give away major assets. We're on track to be terrible this year, and probably about the same for the year after. PLD signing here in two years would be right around when we're trying to win. Fall 2024 is when we should start to have high expectations again - hopefully our lineup will be sporting a couple stud forwards from the next two drafts, and our young D men will have established themselves.
  21. Happy to have Byron 2.0 back at Byron 1.0's cap hit from when he wasn't overpaid.
  22. I'm not a fan of this attitude. He was hardly a baby - off ice and family reasons conspired for him to want out; before that he was a very good player for us who consistently outperformed expectations. I'll remember him streaking down the ice scoring OT winners, and of course turning undead during our finals run.
  23. Kinda strange not to get more cap relief. I suppose we can try to build Matheson's value and flip him a year or two down the line.
  24. Sounds like fake names to me. You can't convince me these aren't just a bunch of cats stuffed into trench coats.
  25. The Suzuki contract looks better by the day. On the other hand, our millstone deals look harder and harder to move.
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