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  1. His game last night, while not free of mistakes, was considerably more dynamic than I expected and markedly better than I've seen from him before. It was the little things that made the biggest differences. In particular I felt his decisions and reactions were at a speed necessary to succeed at the NHL level. Now we have to see if that was adrenaline-assisted, or whether this call-up is *the one,* so to speak. If he continues as he did, it's a strong base point for a developing, full-time NHLer.
  2. Every time I heard that name - Hayes - last night, the only thing that went through my head was Willie Mays Hayes. Points if you can identify that reference.
  3. I think MB's trigger won't change no matter what Tinordi, Pateryn or Beaulieu do. If they work themselves into the lineup, then fantastic. If not, we have cover. I don't think the upgrade is on them - they are what they are: rookies continually (hopefully) improving their craft. Now, Weaver and Gilbert on the other hand..... That's where the upgrade will really be seen.
  4. Semantics, but separation is when then ligament is torn = surgery. Dislocation is more likely what he has. Severe dislocation is still surgery because it quite often also means separation, but more likely he's just stretched and pulled and damaged all the ligaments, tendons and muscles. I know this because I did it last Wednesday night.
  5. Pateryn wasn't special last night, but neither was he bad.
  6. Don't know about Emelin, but I believe Subban was seen being pushed home by Markov.
  7. Talk about a jinx. Someone shut this poster up and keep him the hell off the boards. Usually not until afternoon or when the swelling goes down (up to a few days).
  8. So last night they insinuated that the Habs may have been looking at Polak and not necessarily Kessel. Interesting. This morning I read that the Habs might be looking at Brayden Coburn - with a side dish of Wayne Simmonds. Also interesting.
  9. Neither do I, if I'm honest. But if you want to buy big, you have to pay big, and if it doesn't hurt you to get a star piece, then you're in HWL or there's something really wrong.
  10. Eller, Thomas, Tinordi and what's-his-name with the huge salary in Hamilton on defence for Kessel AND a pick. Book it Dan'O.
  11. Sadly, there's the other side of the coin to this story - in which a small toxic waste dump is dropped rather unceremoniously in the dressing room. Rumours and innuendo, I know, but Kessel seems the kind of guy that could just as easily blow a great team apart.
  12. Apparently a large contingent of the Habs front office was at the Toronto - Florida game tonight. Presumably scouting both teams. Rest of the week could be very busy indeed. And not just with games.
  13. You mean like in half the seasons since 2000? I think we're due for a little injury luck.
  14. Twitter kicking around Sharp rumours since Bergevin is watching the game in Chicago.
  15. So, apparently this Kessel thing to Montreal is picking up steam based on his comments from last night. Stubbs, from the Gazette, is going to post a follow-up on that later today... (No clue if there's meat to those bones, but it's interesting that Subban's comments have greased the rumour wheel.)
  16. In Subban's post-game presser, he's saying all sorts of very nice things about Kessel. Please no. Please don't let this mean he's been told to grease Kessel's wheel when the latter gets traded to Montreal. Nononononononononono Subban: “I don’t think Phil (Kessel) gets enough credit for his personality. He’s a personable guy if he knows you.” Subban: "If you put a microphone in (Kessel’s) face & ask him stupid questions, he’s not going to show that (personable) side of himself" Subban: I don’t think (Kessel) gets enough credit for showing his personality. He’s an outgoing guy and he’s really funny." Nononononononononononono
  17. They are the Leafs. *coughCourtnallforKordiccough*
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