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  1. time to break out the playoff anthem? May have to update a few words though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tru2P7i46o8...feature=related
  2. Does anyone else watch NHL power play on the NHL network? Mike Johnson (former habs) was making his cup prediction and mentioned the best part of a Washington championship. If a team that is all offense wins the cup all the other coaches will fall in and put more effort on scoring goals and less effort to stopping them. This would make the NHL way more exciting and could hopefully be the end of JM. So if we lose here's hoping for a Caps/Hawks final.
  3. Yes! We get TSN in the first round! Pierre McGuire and his man crushes may be annoying, but TSN is definitely the lesser of two evils.
  4. San Jose- Colorado is too young to beat the choke artists Chicago- Too much fire power LA- Vancouver will come in with huge heads, and LA has a pretty good team Detroit- Experience Montreal - nuff said Philly- Someone has to be upset. I didn't like Marty in the Olympics Buffalo- If Savard was in I would consider Boston, but Miller will easily shut down these clowns Crosby- Not sure how Ottawa even made it this far. The Pittsburgh Crosbys will sweep them again.
  5. Not exactly... I'm saying Jaro hasn't played either the caps or the sharks this season, so a seven game series with the Caps might be a blood bath. It's one thing to shut down Atlanta when they get forty shots, Washington is miles ahead of anyone Halak's played.
  6. Shooting Olli Chokinen instead of Gaborik is a mistake methinks. Not sure what Torts was doing. Thing is Jaro hasn't played them all season. All those games are Carey.
  7. I would probably take NJ over Wsh in the first round, simply because Halak hasn't played the caps this year. With his struggles this last week I don't think Ovy and the Caps will really help him. But then again we do have our ace in the whole Carey Price similar to Cam Ward a few years ago. We are one of the few teams in the East this year who have a (more than) capable backup goalie.
  8. Lets go buffalo! If buffalo picks up a couple more points to pass NJ we can still play the Sabers in the first round. This is of course relying on a Ranger win tomorrow.
  9. Cammy is playing with intensity, time for JM to put him on every line (or at least up with Gio and Gomer)
  10. If we win we are ahead. Their last game is against the caps, so we could be in good shape with a win.
  11. Remember two years ago when the habs had a road trip to florida, and had a few extra days off? Carey got way too much sun and was burnt to hell when he picked up the SO against Florida. Everyone made sure too pat Carey nice and hard on his burns to congratulate him.
  12. Bet Joe Thornton would trade all his regular season success for numbers like those, not to mention a couple rings.
  13. If we win tonight we still pass them though. Their last game is against Washington, and the caps are all trying to set records so don't expect Washington to just roll over.
  14. I think Gomez deserves another year where he has some chemistry and some healthy line-mates. Gill may be old and slow, but he is a cup champ and a leader, not to mention dynamite on the PK. Hammer only has one year left on his contract and I think it would be a smart move to keep him, and pair him with Subban next year. Most people in Calgary credit Dion's great development to Hammer. Spacek would be the one I look to dump, because he has more years remaining on his contract, and IMO he does less than Hammer. Subban coming up will probably make MAB redundant, but at his current salary I wouldn't mind keeping him in the pressbox. I agree 100% that JM needs to go.
  15. I went to the Flames/Sharks game last night... just awful... if kipper can`t steal them the game it`s a guarateed loss. The fans seem to be turning on Iggy judging by the number of people who joined in on the "where's the captain?" chant. If the habs could snatch up Iginla and reunite him with Cammy I would give up pretty much any asset (other than Subban).
  16. I thought Laps play last game deserved another shot at the third line...
  17. Couldn't agree more. I can't find the video, but last night Sports Net ran an interview with Hal Gill where he called out the fans and told them to stop being so ignorant. Here is a pretty good article on it form the Gazette: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/hock...5661/story.html love them referring to the Bell centre faithful as "a sodden band of morons". Also back to the OPs original question, it mentions that the Habs have scored more than 2 goals in only 4 of Carey's 25 losses
  18. Question: if the dogs make an early playoff exit and the habs are still going strong we could call up PK right? I'm not sure in what situation we would call him up, but he seems like he could provide a spark and he thrives under pressure.
  19. It could just be that in Montreal, an in the East in general speed is very important. While in the West size and strength are more important. It could just be a coincidence, but it seems most of the players who have success out West are big, gritty players. Lats never played up to his size in Montreal, but that could be because we always tried to make him play a system he couldn't keep up with.
  20. This loss could turn out to be a good thing. Losing to the 29th place team (while still picking up a point) could be a shot in the arm we need to keep improving our level of play. Also our power play playing so poorly will prove that, while our 5-on-5 has been good, we still need MAB back in the line-up.
  21. Anyone else thinking long term, front-loaded deal? I'll stop complaining about them if we start using them.
  22. And now the leafs win in the SO. Take that Boston!
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