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  1. 35-34-7-6 = 83 points 5th in Atlantic 21st overall 32 goals
  2. I was at this game and he was by far the best and most noticeable player on the ice
  3. I was there and I am still trying to figure that out. Islanders couldn't generate much at all. Trudeau looked good though
  4. Not sure if I'm alone in this line of vindictive thinking, but I absolutely love that the Canes are eliminated. But mostly the fact that KK was the least used player with only one measly point only makes their previous social media chirping that much better. Enjoy the next 8 years idiots, you really showed us who is boss Edit: Just seen KK got an assist in garbage time, so two playoff points. One behind Rangers goalie Shesterkin
  5. The only game I haven't watched from this series, but based on what I previously seen from it, Roy's 3 points doesn't impress me.
  6. Just like everyone else here I'd love for the Quebec born, late round pick, left winger to slide right into our young lineup. But I was, and am definitely perplexed how he has amassed the points he has. It is true though, that even if it doesn't look pretty, production does matter at the end of the day. He sort of reminds me of Zadina who was a QMJHL stud as well, but seems disinterested and relies on natural talent to get by. At least with Zadina I could tell the guy had a laser beam shot, but with Roy I'm not sure what he brings. I hope I'm wrong
  7. I've watched the first two games of this series live, and I must say that I don't see Roy as an NHLer. He doesn't seem to put in a full effort out there or have any redeeming qualities. I was hoping to be impressed by his play, but if I didn't know who he was I wouldn't really notice him.
  8. Is there a way to delete someone else's post?
  9. That's all great and all, but what are the chances that we draft correctly and choose that superstar
  10. This lottery will have massive implications for the Habs future. Basically a coin flip whether they will be able to draft their future 1a/1b center, or be stuck in purgatory yet again at number 3 in a crap shoot draft. Come on one time let's get lucky
  11. Is anyone else finding they are cheering for Boston in this series? I hate the Bruins as much as the next guy, but I would find more pleasure in seeing the Canes lose in the first round after the whole offer sheets fiasco.
  12. I agree, and in this order. IMO they are best players available and it is just a bonus that they all play positions that we need.
  13. As easy as it is to dump on this team, this fact simply can't be ignored when assessing the season.
  14. Watched Simoneau and Trudeau live today and was very underwhelmed. At least we aren't expecting much from them anyway
  15. We are going on another epic Hamburglar run aren't we?
  16. I would have went after their top prospect, their 1st rounder this year unprotected, a 2nd next year, and Harvey the Hound. Anything less is unacceptable
  17. Agreed. I came into this season with much enthusiasm after the Cup run and the new additions. But after a handful of games it was clear that this team is hot garbage without any redeeming qualities to make them enjoyable to watch. I haven't watched a game since October, haven't frequented this thread near as often, or even followed the NHL as closely as usual. To me this whole sport is entertainment first and foremost. Personally I would much rather watch a bubble team fight it out for a playoff spot than to be on board with tanking for any amount of time.
  18. I'm looking forward to my game day ritual so far this year. I turn the game on at some point and then quickly get so disgusted by what I see, that I turn it off and find something else to do.
  19. To summarize: Bergevin is a moron for his offer sheet that was laughably too low and Waddell is a genius for his offer sheet that was laughably too high. Got it.
  20. For the millionth time, how was it stupid if the player signed it? Do you think if it was such a joke of an offer that they would still be this petty about it after so long?
  21. Beat me to it, I'll attach anyway for optimal power
  22. I usually have a good feel for what to expect from the Habs each year, but this one is throwing me for a loop. Has a team that made the Stanley Cup final ever been looked at so negatively the following season? I think that this team underperformed in the regular season last year, and what we saw in the playoffs was more in line with expectations. I'm not so concerned with the players we lost vs the players we brought in, but the injuries right off the bat are certainly cause for concern. With my prediction I am banking on the goaltending holding the fort until Price comes back, a full season of Caufield, a rejuvenated Drouin, a much improved power play, arguably the best wing depth in the league, and improvements from some of the youth. 47-26-4-5 = 103 points 3rd in the division 9th in the league 33 goals
  23. I would love anyone in the world who thought these games were called fairly to say that while looking into my eyes with a straight face. I can be as biased as the next person, but my god, there is no denying that the no-calls/calls on the Habs vs Vegas are about as uneven as how my testicles hang. I just came up with that metaphor on the spot, hope it was original and not in my sub-conscious from someone else saying it. I am going to google it.... Okay I am back and I can't find anything, I might be good. But yeah, unbelievable what went uncalled. A straight left to the chin in front of the ref and nothing. Buddy slams Weber from behind, Weber enraged about said non call punches him in the back of the head and delivers the ol' how-do-you-do crosscheck to the soul with authority. And there were of course plenty of other examples. I think this is a case of egotistical refs inserting themselves into the game. THIS IS MY GAME AND BECAUSE I HAVE THE POWER I REF HOW I WANT AND ALSO DID YOU SEE MY STATS AGAINST THE HABS? OH YEAH BABY THERE IS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM! YOU WANT TO TEST ME? KEEP WHINING, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM CAPABLE OF, I'VE BEEN DOING THIS FOR YEARS AND I'M JUST GETTING WARMED UP. Habs in 6
  24. I'm sure if we win the Cup some will still say so yes. We are tied in the semi-finals with two centers under 22 and two rookies in the lineup. We have a ton of prospects in the system and a million draft picks coming up. This team is set up now and seemingly for a long time. This is also not his first nomination for GM of the year and wouldn't be surprised if it isn't his last. I've also been called a fanboy waving pom poms so what do I know?
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