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  1. yikes 37-16 shots i thought we had offense and leaf had none?
  2. good morning! are we fabulous? ugh :puke:
  3. Just when we thought the drama was done. Maybe he's pissed he didn't get to go to Scotland or the Dude Ranch? Hope the new Habs will look at this and know what not to do, even though Sergei's young he's probably regarded as one of the old "bad attitude" Habs especially with the Grabs thing and the drug dealer scandal.
  4. I'm just happy Randy Travis and Hank Williams aren't on it . . .
  5. I'd love it if BGL had a good year. Sounds like he's ready. "At one point last year, I was even wondering if I was going to be able to play anymore. But now I'm healthy and finally I hope to have my first full healthy year in Montreal to show everybody what I can do."
  6. God bless Colin for having the courage to actually say what we all are thinking . . .
  7. Yeah Jean that's a new wrinkle for sure... Sounds like maybe the judge is giving himself some room. Habs fans -- remember next time you pay $500 bucks to take your family to a game, you're helping subsidize Bettman's stubborn power trip. These are difficult economic times and the league can't afford to turn down an offer that will take ice hockey out of this desert sinkhole for chrissakes. Hope the judge makes a sensible decision and spells it out so Bettman won't try to tie up the move in appeals. Hamilton - Toronto would be a great rivalry, as the testimony went it's expected Hamilton could be 5th most-profitable franchise in the league. (Next maybe Nashville goes to Quebec City?) Go Jim Go!
  8. I agree. The Phoenix Coyotes should be sold to the Hell's Angels! Imagine the pre-game shows! Anyway the Balsillie legal team is stepping up.
  9. Habs Fan Bio Name: JLP Habs Cups witnessed: A few in my youth, too few lately. Which Habs will improve?: Latendresse, Plekanec, Price. Which Habs will regress?: (I'll edit my post in November to answer this one.) How will Martin do?: His tie collection will pale in comparison to his predecessor's. Players will appreciate his professional communication skills. The media will trumpet him if the Habs win, and shit all over him if they lose. The lines won't change so often as last year, I hope. Also hope to see more skating and more forwards going to the net. How do I think the team will place?: 4th in the East Who will be the next Captain?: Rotating, team vote round Christmas. General chat about the coming season: Hope they finally offer RDS to online fans in Japan this year!
  10. Dunno if we take off the homer glasses we might see a flicker of truth in this, we could have traded away our core a long time ago but we patiently stuck with Gainey's 5-year plan, which unfortunately was a bust. Now we're gambling. I don't mind that so much, but it's a new direction for sure. In a few months we can look at the standings, if the new Habs don't deliver Gainey's Christmas present could well be a pink slip.
  11. I think milk should not be made.
  12. Well there's no way to say how the TB lines will shape up, anyway the team now has three top franco forwards . . . And: "The Canadiens never made me an offer, so you have to believe they weren't interested," (Tanguay) said. "They didn't give me any reasons why they didn't make me an offer. But it's a business and they did what they felt was the right thing for them."
  13. Contract is $2,5m, and yes it's true Tanguay will join Lecavalier and St-Louis in Tampa Bay. The new French Connection, Habs fans can watch on winter vacation ! "The Bolts also had two heavy hitters lobbying for Tanguay: Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier. How can you say no to that kind of pitch? "When Martin phoned, I was on the phone with Vincent," Tanguay said with a laugh, adding that he spoke with Lecavalier a few times. "I got them one after the other. They both told me they wanted me in Tampa and asked me if I had any questions about the city and things like that. They talked to me about the team." Link to Interview
  14. Sorta glad that Kovy will be close by, we'll get to follow the drama without living it . . .
  15. The "top down" model is the failure of many a business, ask the Tuscon Tilt. FP your theory is ambitious and optimistic but respectfully I don't support asking the other clubs like the Habs to throw millions of ice hockey money into a desert sinkhole. Business is simple: let the teams go where the demand is. A whole lot of Hamilton kids play every day after school. Let Arizona continue to build from the bottom up, the Sundogs are doing well, maybe they could revive their EHCL team as well?
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