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  1. If we fail to replace Weber (I hope MB already have an unofficiall deal ready with Hamilton or someone but if not) what happens? Lose Danault, Weber and maybe also Allen. What will Price think?
  2. Hamilton and Landeskog? Id love that but maybe too much to wish for?
  3. How good can players like Norlinder, Brooks and Guhle be expected to be next season?
  4. Try to sell the Kraken on that they could be the new Vegas and that Drouin could be a big part of that. Maybe no pick needed or only a low one.
  5. Where is Matt Cooke when we need him? I was abit ok with them winning until I saw that clip just now. Now just fxxk them! Crush that a-hole next year.
  6. I think Id still look at the possibility to send Price to the Kraken and start a proper rebuild.
  7. Im 40 years old. I might be dead next time we reach the finals. CMON WAKE UP!
  8. Im staying to watch the fights because there has to be fights right?
  9. Are Tampa that much better than Vegas or is it the habs who is abit overwealmed?
  10. Ill watch because it might be another 30 years until we play in the finals again.
  11. I think ill just go to bed again. Price looks like regular season price again.
  12. It would make sence to want the isles. A team that manages to lose 0-8? Yes I want them.
  13. Great having Perry in the finals last year so he can calm everybody down and remind about that there are 4 wins left.
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