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  1. I dont know about you guys but I sure wouldve loved to see someone do a Domi on Charas nose after the pacioretty thing.
  2. Allow fighting Maybe add a 20 minute penalty to the regular 5 minutes. Also tell players to at least try to protect their face if theyve managed to piss someone off and also for refs to break it up faster if one of the players show he doesnt want to fight. BUT REMOVE THE STAGED FIGHTS! (maybe already removed on its own because no teams carry goons anymore.)
  3. If hockey bans bodychecks it will be like futsal. (Minisoccer indoors) because there is already the sport of bandy.
  4. If its true that Ekblad was running around slashing away then I am happy with what Domi did. Yes maybe I have a want for us to be the tough team for once. All the way back since the Eric Lindros and Legion of doom just doing what they want against us, all the Koivu injurys , Markov and then Pacioretty and the Chara incident, maybe my head is a bit damaged by our teams history of mediocrity and whimpyness.
  5. Seen alot worse things in the nhl than what Domi did here. Ekblad a bit stupid looking like he doesnt even try to protect himself at all. Maybe a bit to far throwing the glove and punching but I hope more of our players will stand up to oponents playing dirty.
  6. MB has made some big misstakes but I dont think this trade is one of them...
  7. Maybe Holland is planning to step down and Stevie Y wants to return as gm of the wings?
  8. Detroit got alot for Tatar when trading him to LV, if he go for a decent 20g 40pts season Im sure we can fetch a 1st rounder at the deadline.
  9. If Pacs wants to stay that much then why not offer him another 6 years at 5.5M and start it with 8-7-6-5-4-3 millions per year with a nmc. If hes not happy with that then at least they can say they gave him a decent offer.
  10. Watch us trade him for Seabrock and a 2nd... soooo much character!
  11. Lets just hope he sticks with speed because that is alot better than the previous years...
  12. Sounds more like its the Habs management that really wanted him to come over than him wanting to go... I guess they are really starved for centers.
  13. Would be a good idea. Concidering how little the habs are shopped as a NHL-team in Europe compared to some other teams I think ots a good start.
  14. If feels like the team have not had a fresh wind in coaching for ten years... Martin-Therrien and now Julien... same strictly dminded old boys club kind of coaches. Id like to see younger thinking on this team.
  15. Offer Max the money he wants but not the term. Think he accepts 3 years at 7,5M? No reason trading him for same return as Skinner got... Id rather keep him and let him outplay his contract if thats what has to happen.
  16. I thought the three amigos was Ribeiro, Dagenais and Theodore? ?
  17. Pacioretty (eat half his salary) +2nd rounder to Tampa for Tyler Johnson?
  18. ...and there Weber, my Norris trophy winner for next year is gone half season. ???
  19. Im sure Nashville is watching this. They will be in deep trouble if Weber is damaged goods and have to retire.
  20. Best case scenario is not bottom 5. Its winning the cup, a bunch of prospects with Kotkaniemi as the new Kopitar prove to be so much more than we all expected and Domi plays like in a trance getting 50+ assists and 70+ points. Price dominates the league again and Weber wins Norris trophy. I know its very unlikely but its not totally impossible. Not after what happened in Vegas last season.
  21. Bergevin so far gets an A- from me this off season. no crazy contracts signed no idiotic trade for Orielly Only negative is the chucky for domi trade but I dont think its that bad of a trade as some here make it out to be.
  22. Dont know if habs will ever help the leafs buuuuut... what do you think the leafs would give us to take Hortons contract? any chance they give us a decent prospect? Their 1st rounder?
  23. Please someone translate the most intresting/important things he said later. Thanks. ?
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