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  1. I feel happy reading this. I wish more people are like this. We have rules like that in sweden already from our union. I work in a foodstore and we get double pay from saturday at noon and the full sunday here in sweden and if we are members of the union we also have full insurance including homeinsurance and travelinsurance. I am proud of what our former politicians have done here in Sweden. I just hope that the current bozoes doesnt ruing all.
  2. Alot of people who knows alot of soccer and noone said Leicester would win the premier league but they did. Alot of people who knows all about nhl said habs would be a top10 team but they were not. I will wait until I see the team play before demanding the managements heads on platters. You should too instead of everybody saying you will not support the team anymore.
  3. Well I guess the coming seasons will be very quiet here since most of you will stop following the habs when MB and MT is running the team...
  4. Haha. Now all they need is to grow the same beards. ZZtop
  5. Zibanejad playing with Zuccarelo I could see become a very dangerous duo.
  6. And fuel for the Gallagher haters... If there is any of those here...
  7. Its scary that something Eklund writes is suddenly taken as the truth just because it says what some people feels. Every other thing he writes is allways classed as bs and nothing else.
  8. Well I am going to look forward to next season. I also think this trade is a bad trade but not as apocalyptic as some fans thinks here. As it is now I wouldve wanted at least a 2nd rounder includes or maybe for nashville to take DD from us to save us some more cap. But if Webers leadership maybe can speed up prospects development and other things I can live with the trade. Go habs go! I hope for success for the habs even if I dont like MT and I still dont hold last season against MB. Panic trades to save last season could have been alot more catastrophic than the PK trade and I am ok with him staying pat with the team not making big changes. No Price = No cup. Trading the future for a mediocre first goalie wouldnt have changed that.
  9. Don reminds me of the rule they had when they built the big wall in the book World War Z. If 9/10 in the council says one thing the 10th has to vote the other. All are raging over the PK trade so he feels he has to defend it. Its a good thing. Cheers Don, keep up the good work.
  10. No, I said it was the first thing I didnt agree with AT ALL... That means that its the first trade I really dont like. The other deals and trades are not so horrible at the time they were done. And as I also wrote it is a bit early to totally dismiss it as a total failure like some previous of our gms trades.
  11. Its not comparable to what previous gms have done. I was more angry about Ellers contract than Emelins at the time because at the time Emelin was playing good until he tried to hit Lucic and got injured. Dsp for Matteau was trading a bottom 6 player for another. Briere... Yes, that is a bad signing but not end of the world bad. And he did do some good trades too. Vanek and Petry is nice and I like the signing of Radulov. The Dale Weise trade was also great when we got him. The two bad things in my opinion is Therrien hired as coach and possibly the Subban trade. Andrew Shaw? Could be a great trade and signing.
  12. I am also not so happy about this trade but until I see the Pierre Turgeon for Shayne Corson result I will at least wait until after next season before I start whining every day about it. This is the first thing MB did that I didnt agree at all on but I think we have to wait and see what happens before preaching about inpending doom.
  13. I dont know... I have this weird feeling Emelin will have a career year now that he has another pal from the Russian national team here. Of course if you can get Yakupov for cheap then byebye Emelin but Im not so much into dumping Emelin. I think he can be very useful this season. I will forget about Subban-trade for a while now. It is what it is. A bad trade but who knows... maybe we will get a cup with Weber on the team and if that happens the trade was worth it.
  14. The new 1990s Red Wings? Yakupov (Kozlov) Galchenyuk (Larionov) Radulov (Fedorov) Emelin (Konstantinov) - Markov.(Fetisov) haha
  15. I will not change team. And I think at this moment this trade is even but in 3-4 years maybe it will be a lot harder to see it that way. Hopefully Weber is Lidström quality and will be great until his 40s. Then he retires with one year left on his contract to smack Nashville in the head with a hard caphit.
  16. Im ok with this signing. All the others I wanted are already signed elsewhere so its better to take a chance on Radulov than to just have caproom and sign more 3-4th liners.
  17. Tampa resigning Hedman to 8 year 7.875AAV deal. Cmon Marcy, make that Weber for Hedman trade and all is forgiven. hehe
  18. Wasnt it Al Montoya in Winnipeg net that refused to let Gallagher exit the zone at the end of a game so we couldnt go on attack because of off side?
  19. Wooopie Al Montoya! Theres our goals scored forward...
  20. And after that MB and MT are still rich arrogant assholes while we are still crying seeing PK lighting up the league while Weber looks like the habs version of dion phaneuf. Whats next? Signing Oleg Petrov and Enrico Ciccone?
  21. To late budy, im sure he is already stoned. Why else make this trade if he is not stoned?
  22. MB and MT planning on playing Sergachev with Weber right at the start of next season? Maybe they feel Sergachev is a fantastic player already and playing with a veteran leader like Weber will help him develop even faster? Must be some reason they trade Subban for Weber and not for something that look better that I am sure they got offered....
  23. Sooo. What happens if we buyout webers contract in lets say 4 years? How much and for how many years? Will I still be alive next time we are really competing for a cup or maybe just very very old and senile?
  24. Bergevin = Stalin or some other commie leader. People who are inconvenient to the party (the management) must be gotten rid of quietly. After it is already done people will complain but its to late to change what is done by then.
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