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  1. Is Lee going to get in shit for this? Like... What is this?
  2. Four guys shooting under 10%... Gallagher (8%), Anderson (4%), Caufield/Danault (0%)... See these guys pot a couple and we are cooking with gas!
  3. Anyone else think Fleury gives out and Patches goes ice cold? While Tatar comes in hot to prove both his current and old team wrong.
  4. Can't watch the game tonight. Has Romanov shown any reason why he has been benched?
  5. Oullet really getting played above Romanov?
  6. Came in to say how impressed I've been by Evans.
  7. I still think this group is better than this series suggests... but our future is bleak. Our 2024-2025 season will possibly feature. A 37yo Price, 39 yo Weber, 37yo Petry and 33yo Gallagher. All likely broken beyond repair. For a total of what? 31M? 🤣
  8. With a healthy roster I think we can handle Toronto.
  9. Saw some articles talking about KK not making the playoff lineup... haven't caught the last few nights. Has he really been out performed by Staal? Staal looked dreadful when i've watched.
  10. Teasdale is a beast perfect fourth liner for us.
  11. Having worked in the org.. I don't think Bobby is coming back to hockey. He's very comfortable as is in the business world.
  12. Of course he did. He basically only started in the offensive end.
  13. Not even a little bit. He might even be a better PP option given that turnover display Gus gave.
  14. I never want to see Gustaffson in a Habs jersey again. Useless.
  15. Silly that someone employed by NHL.com can't get that right... They have... Chiarot-Weber Edmundson-Petry Romanov-Merill with Kulak and Gustaf scratched. Who is in?
  16. NHL.com is saying that Romanov is in? So is he on taxi squad or playing?
  17. What are people thinking about Weber's contract? He's still effective atm but 35 YO with 7.85M tied up till he's 40? Any shot Seattle would take him? Would it be a good idea for us to lose him at this time? Not like replacement options are in house yet and FA basically is Dougie Hamilton...
  18. Yes... but Anderson was god awful in his showings this year and to be fair quite bad the past number seasons. Plus Copley has been out played by Fucale. However I agree that the Siegenthaler trade likely is to make room for a real goalie.
  19. Zachary Fucale is playing well in the AHL for Hershey... 6-2-0 record with a 1.75GAA and a 0.932 SV% Anyone think that he might get his first crack at the NHL with Washington? Samsanov rocking a dreadful 2.97GAA + 0.894SV% and their other guy V.V. has only been okay with a 2.60 and .913%.
  20. How much time is left? An hour and a half until we know if Mete got claimed or not?
  21. Excited to see Joel Teasdale skating again
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