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  1. I watched part of the last two Pete’s games at the memorial cup. I like what I see from Beck, he is not a dominant player (yet?) but he sure looks promising I wonder if he can elevate his game like Suzuki learned to do in Junior ?
  2. Thanks @dlbalr ! they are all late round picks and I doubted any would be worth much, but it was an interesting list. Do they go back to the draft? or do they become free agents?
  3. Some young RDs that HuGort may know about and that may be a good addition to LAV if they accept an AHL or 2-way contract:
  4. It would be hilarious if he doesn’t find takers for a trade to move up and uses a Hockey computer game as an analogy for proposed trades from fans and media 🤣
  5. I am glad to see you posting again! I hope all is well
  6. I hope HugGort does as well with the underrated and bottom of the baril picks as the old crew. And let’s hope the drafting and development outperforms anything we have seen since 1993! Go Habs Go!
  7. I would prefer a bridge deal to see if he can stay healthy for the full season. he hasn’t proven that yet
  8. min my re-draft I would have drafted Nemec if I could have dropped in the draft and picked up any additional assets. I really like him as a prospect more than Slafkovsky who reminds me of Latendresse
  9. I used to listen to Dick Irving on the radio, to improve my English. he was the best play-by-play guy in my humble opinion. Was always spot on in describing where the puck went BEFORE the tv replay came on! The French radio guys now are pretty good too but not to the same level
  10. Some players were playing hurt to cash-in some bonuses. that was disappointing but expected some players were overused (Savard, etc) which was weird in a lost/transition season the end-result was “meh” at most
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