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  1. I am very happy for Kapanen, like I've posted before: I think he is a "dark horse" in the center depth chart, much like Struble. I do not know how high is his ceiling, but he can certainly challenge for Evan's roster spot down the line. Evans is already 28.
  2. Oh, that is whom people have been referring to in French media, the snake !
  3. I should have checked his stats. I remember leading in scoring over Beck at one poinr, and I also posted some of his goals where his shot was evidently elite but It is only MHO
  4. some are suggesting here and/or on other threads that Zegras may be what the Habs need. I mentioned Rossi as a trade target, neither of those is elite. Although luck is part of building a winning team, I am not suggesting that the Habs need to base the rebuild on a "diceroll", but they need to show more than hope and hand-waiving this summer at the draft and the UFA market. HughGort hs had enough time to assess the needs and they have the means to start make those moves.
  5. I agree that Slafkovsky seems like a home run. I hope that Hutson turns out to e another home run. On the topic of this thread on the Habs biggest need, I argue that they need an elite forward. I also say that so far the jury is out on this, but I also say that they may have done that in part. Mesar is intriguing because he has such an elite shot, but I do not know much about his overall game. He is so young. Let's hope or the best
  6. Here is CapFriendly's scouting report on Zegras: https://www.capfriendly.com/scouting-reports/players/trevor-zegras Not worth a kings ransom IMHO, but a good 2nd-line center.
  7. a new feature in the last few months was giving players a rating or position equivalent: 1st pair D (P1), 2nd pair D (P2), 1st Line F (L1) etc. that algorithm is valuable. Look at the COL team, for example:
  8. a rebuild involves the acquisition of elite talent, HughGort has not added McDavid/McKinnon type of talent. Slaf, Hutson and Mesar are very good picks, I am hopeful they will become elite but not convinced yet. Beck is a 3rd-liner. Dach, Newhook, Barron, Heineman, Reinbacher, Fowler are solid picks but I am almost certain they are not elite. That's what I mean, filling mid-6/2nd-pair roster spots but not that many that are surefire elite players.
  9. that's a lot of "if"s that need to happen for this team to be considered a playoff team. More is needed for this team to become s cup contender. HughGort's patch up work with Dach and Newhook is not enough to make this team a cup contender, more is needed. Drafting Slaf was a good step in that direction.
  10. in various MIN forums, they say that it will be a transition season form them. They have some good prospects in the system and seem to want to give Reily Heidt a chance to win a spot on the roster and also they seem to be on the verge of getting Danila Yurov. Those two prospects will mean that they will get rid of some costly contracts: Marcus Johansson can be bought out and diminish their payroll by 1.33M. Alex Goligoski will probably retire and Mason Shaw's career is probably over after an injury. It is not a lot of money, but enough to get them through a retool year.
  11. this line of reasoning in favor of trading for Rossi is what made me think of this trade https://www.broadstreethockey.com/post/trading-for-marco-rossi-is-a-swing-the-flyers-should-take/ This way, Dach can go on the 1st line as a winger. The Habs will have C depth with Beck and Kapanene in the pipeline and Dach able to fill-in inf there are injuries. Caufield-Suzuki-Dach Roy-Rossi-Slafkovsky Anderson-Newhook-Gallagher HarveyPinard-Evans-Armia Pezzetta/(*Beck?)
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