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  1. so wait if he scores a 100 points like you want and says something negative that would throw him off the team you'd be happy ? And I never said I blamed the team for his low point total. Which I feel isn't that low anyways. he's a 2nd line center playing on a team without a 1st line center.
  2. Just curious Nesquik ... If Koivu scored 40 goals and had 100 points last season he'd be a "superstar" , worthy of being captian and $5mil a season right ? but if he came out and said that the Habs sucked and he hated French people and Canada for that matter you'd be ok with that right ?? because all you care about it how well he plays hockey right ?
  3. But if BG has 4 years to sign him and they didn't have any intention of bringing him over during those first 2 years why negotiate a contract ?
  4. Mike Rathje seems to be missing from that list. doesn't he make like 3.5 mil ? Unless he's gets a long term disability clause he'll count against the cap.
  5. Yeah your probably right =/ ... makes the Markov signing outstanding doesn't it.
  6. damn ... kinda shady but smart. They give up a 1st to be able to get the guys they wanted. Although i'm curious as to how they signed them so fast ... I mean they had to have negotiated a deal before this trade happened. isn't that against the rules ? Unless Nashville negotiated the deal for Philly before the trade.
  7. But how does a city/area build a grass roots hockey following it they're is no team ?? It takes time to grow a sport, especially hockey in non-winter areas. For me it's not like I can go out in the winter and throw on my skates and play ice hockey with a bunch of friends. I have to play a bunch of money to play here. Kids in Canada and the winter states up north grow up playing hockey .. they're dad's probably played or love hockey so it's instilled in them. Give these areas like Tampa , Dallas , Phoenix , Carolina a few generations to build a good following. Contracting is not the answer.
  8. Damn your quick FanPuck ! haha Good move ... experienced blueliner and a solid young forward. Good job BG !
  9. I doubt it too ... people love winners and whatever is the "it" thing. Look at Boston and Chicago ... as soon as they become winners again it will be impossible to get tickets.
  10. No I haven't been to a game in TB but i've been to some in Anaheim so I know what your talking about. So would you say that Tampa Bay is a failure because some fans don't know everything about hockey ? or got tickets for free ? The good thing is those people are there, and maybe they don't know much but they can still come to like the sport and then learn. Then maybe next game they'll buy tickets sounds like you scored on those tickets but maybe the person who sold them to you wanted to get at least something back for what he paid ? especially 15 minutes to game time.
  11. Tampa seems to be doing very well, A lot better than Nashville. TB is 3rd in the league in attendance Also Pheonix and Florida fill they're areans to a higher capacity than Boston and Chicago so maybe we should move them instead ? ( yes i'm being sarcastic ) 07 Attendance Figures
  12. I have a ice game tonight at 10:15 ... it's going to suck having to wake up for work tomrrow
  13. It's a dark day for Kings fans 1. The Ducks won the cup before the Kings 2. I now have to hear a bunch of crap from bandwagon Ducks fans and crappy turncoat Kings fans about it. Ugh ! Oh btw, way to go Bryan Murray ... way to do a bunch of great drafting while you were GM of the Ducks only to bolt to coach Ottawa so you'd have a better chance to win the cup only to see your former team prevent you from getting it.
  14. I never said that all russian players were perimiter players.
  15. On TSN they mentioned that they will pay something like $17 mil to let him walk away ... the 2.2 a year for 8 years is just the cap hit they'll take for that $17 mil ... they're not paying him 2.2 for 8 years btw just think of it ... the waste of money line coming to montreal Samsonov , Yashin , Kovalev
  16. I only know of 2 and the Habs have both ! Kovy + Sammy
  17. 1. if he did have an injury. Why didn't he get it taken care of ? it's not like he was carrying the team and he they put him on the shelf for a bit the team would have fallen apart. If he said he was injured all season then I would see that as an excuse. 2. The problem with Kovalev is he's scared of being touched. He's only a perimeter player now. When he does play well he's driving the net and powering though people. Which of course was rare last season and usually its was because someone touched him and pissed him off. ( then takes penalties ) There is no reason why he can't be as good of a player as Jagr. Except Jagr has no problem throwing his body around. Kovy's got the body frame and the strength to do it, just no desire too.
  18. Would love to have Ryan Smyth as a habs .... would look nice on a line with Koivu in the middle and Kovalev ( if we have to keep him ) on the right
  19. I'm going to have a hard time here if the damn Clucks win the cup before the Kings. People who I never thought even knew what a puck was are coming out of the woodwork around here and saying what "big" ducks fans they are. They're lack of any hockey knowledge when trying to rub it in on me is driving me insane ! *sigh* Go Sens - Time for the Comeback !
  20. That's what I would perfer as well ... I think a team like Washington would bite on Kovalev and not have to give much salary back ... They might like the idea of Kovy playing with Ovechkin.
  21. But doesn't the fact he's playing juniors extend that deadline like other Junior players ?
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