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  1. I don't think it's a need for a specific Defense coach ... all three coaches know how to play defense. The problem I see is the habs are "supposed" to be a skating team, a fast team ... Gainey even said at the beginning of the season, thats why he added Tanguay etc. So why do they play the trap ? I have no clue ... maybe they should use their speed and forcheck a little instead of always sitting back waiting to pounce. Teams are just dumping the puck in and taking advantage of the D-men who can't make outlet passes or clear the puck ... Komi, Georges, OByrne, Cube and pounding Markov and Schineder
  2. I played thourgh pretty much most the DLC and it's very solid ... pretty much intertwines with the Niko story from a different perspective ... you'll remember certian things you did with Niko come up in the story ... well worth the $20
  3. I think this is really the 1st time the "Vinny to Montreal" rumor has actual legs to it ... if it happened in the next couple weeks or so ... I think there could be riots in Montreal ! Boy the Lightning are in some big trouble if they're thinking of trading away their franchise player because of money issues. Maybe they do need to rebuild cause what they're doing now isn't working. But the flip side is maybe you wait and see if Stamkos can develop and they can get some D who can actually play defense ... maybe they can get good again next season and re-build that fan base and make some money ... but that's the gamble. It would be alot of pressure for Vinny ... but if he can succeed in Montreal and say win at least 1 cup ... he would be remembered as one of the great players in the team's history and his legacy would be brighter. Don't get me wrong he can stay in TB and be remembered there. But to be remembered as a great Habs player is even better.
  4. In my opinion ... It's the system. I think the trap is killing this team. Arn't they supposed to be an uptempo agressive transitional team ? Why sit back and wait for the oppontents to come to you. Arn't the Habs supposed to be the best skating team in the leauge ? Why not attack the other team all over the ice and make them turn the puck over. Didn't BG say that this team would be and exciting team ? I haven't seen it yet. Last nights game against the Caps was ugly ... passes were not crisp, players were mishandling passes, bad decisions, taking way to many shots with no one near the goalie for a screen, Kovy being a douche and taking bad penalties, sitting back way too much and letting the Caps dump, chase and pound the Defense. They were forcing the Habs D-man to either clear it up the boards or make bad outlet passes by being so aggressive on the forcheck. This is why O'Byrne had such a bad game .. he can't pass or dump up the board properly ...The reason the 4th line is doing so well is because they're doing the same thing the caps are doing ... being aggressive. As for Boston and Chicago's young guys ... look at where the good ones were drafted ... Kane #1 Taves #4 ... Wheeler #5 Kessel #5 etc ...
  5. Atlanta already has Pevalec and Lehtonen ... I don't think they would be interested in Halak
  6. Going to the Kings v Leafs game tomorrow night with a friend who's a Leafs fan Go KINGS !
  7. I'm surprised Carbo hasn't really tried Hammer at the point either ... he's got a good shot, might not be the most accurate but if he can just get it though with traffic in front they're in business. someone mentioned Zubov ... although he would be great I don't think it would really change much for Markov ... the thing with Markov is he runs the powerplay ... but from the left side ... when Souray and Streit were here they were on the right side for the one-timer and Markov was the feeder ... Zubov shooting right would mean Markov switches sides again and so far when he's done that this season he hasn't been as effective. Without bringing in outside help ... I think they should at least try Hammer on the right side but they really have to give him a chance and some games to get comfy.
  8. Kings Before the invention of centre Ice I used and still do watch the Kings a lot
  9. Yeah who cares !! ... maybe next time Laraque can just start punching Ryder in the face and he'll have to fight back right ? then Shawn Thornton can just start punching Tanguay in the face ... he has to start punching back right ? ... maybe Lucic can just start punching Koivu and then Komi can start going after Bergeron. I think for anyone to just go after someone and start punching is bad form IMO ... if they don't want to go then they don't have too .... how many times over the years have guys stepped up to Komi to fight after he hit someone and Komi just skated away.
  10. I'll just say this about spending / not spending on military in the US .... if the day China , Russia , Iran , Afghanistan and North Korea all come together to counter NATO ... I hope we're still spending money on having more advanced weapons than those countries. And I'm sure everyone else in the world will be happy we are too. Also, another reason Canada will never be attacked by anyone is 1) distance from any other country besides the US 2) distance from US to Canada. I don't think a country say like Russia for example will send it's military over the ocean only to jump into the back yard of the one country that can kick it @ss oh and one last thing ... if the U.S. didn't get involved in WW2 it would have been lost. England was getting bombarded by air raids every night, France was done and Russia wasn't even really involved yet until Hitler got greedy and thought he could just walk in there and take them.
  11. Perezhogin left as a free agent at the end of his contract and was never suspended .... Valentenko left in the middle of his contract ... I don't think that can be considered the same. I wouldn't want to Habs to have Emelin if he broke his contract to play here ... what would prevent him from bolting back to Russia if he didn't like it ... at least we know now that he's honoring his contracts.
  12. got to hand it to him though ... even though he has a gut ... he's still in the league
  13. I think the US just doesn't realize that Belarus and Switzerland are real countries
  14. I can translate it to the " southern californa white girl " languge ... here's a taste. Like 100 years ago ... um this team called the Canadiens ( haha it's totally misspelled ) ... um so yeah this team is like old and like they've won alot of things and had alot of really cool players that like totally kick butt and stuff.
  15. actually Fanpuck I just found this ... it might work with what you want to do 8. Reset your Xbox 360 video settings Remember this one if you're in the habit of carrying your console to chum's houses and hooking it up to different displays. It can end up trying to output the wrong signal, so you can't see anything or get a flickering screen. Fortunately, there's a fairly simple fix if this happens. Remove any discs from the tray and turn the thing off. Then turn it on using a gamepad. As it boots, hold down the Y button, then hit and hold the right trigger. The video settings will reset to default,
  16. know any neighbors that have an hdtv ? maybe you can hook it up there and get the setting changed
  17. Nerd ! Well they fixed the problem of my gamertag and the easportsworld linking ... so now I get to see the video and pictures i uploaded .... but I noticed the stats are extremely screwed up ... It says I played over 100 games on the day the game came out
  18. I noticed today that my box keeps freezing when trying to play online ... and the fact that it says I have two shootout losses even though I've only played one ranked team game
  19. Hey guys send me an invite to the team I play either C or D
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