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  1. I couldn't agree more. If he is so coveted why are we now almost 2 weeks into UFA land and Tanguay still unsigned? I'd bet the shoulders have some say in that one.
  2. The Beetles released thier first album? First NHL draft in Montreal? Frank Sinatra jr is Kidnapped? What else?
  3. Welcome to the Cap world my friend. Signing players during the season is a great thing... in theory only. As you say they could have locked guys up early, but moving them in the offseason to make the changes you desire just doesn't work. Maybe the interested team can't take the contract you just signed with the player and the deal falls apart. Now you are stuck with that player and can't move him so your changes all go out the window for another season or worse. Ideally, trading assets at or near the deadline is always the best option, but unfortunately that option in a cap world is rarely possible...... Ask Dany Heatley.... signed and stuck. If everyone had the same mentality then Cammalleri, Gionta, Gill, Spacek, Moen, and Mara wouldn't have been available for UFA status and then a trade is required for each. How much of the farm would be left after getting those players.... better yet, who would we be stuck with because teams didn't want a player because of the cap hit or term length that we signed during the season? It isn't as cut and dried and you suggest.
  4. I think Boston will follow Monteal's route and not have as strong of a season. The habs went from first to 8th in a total collapse, and now the Bruins will falter as well (just not start 27-8-4 then fall apart ala Montreal)
  5. I agree with alot of what you said here BTH but you also have to remember that he was unable to pull himself out of a slump for 70+ games. (assuming he played 12 good ones ) That isn't the type of player we want or need. A successful player can pull themselves out of a slump (even if it takes a long time) but usually not a full season. I have always liked him, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he goes elsewhere for the kind of money he is requesting. Bring on Andreas Engqvist !
  6. It's amazing how a little grit can make fans so much more comfortable isn't it?
  7. $2.25M But Higgins never said he was "playing like a little girl" either
  8. It really depends on the RFA's at this point. Plex and his numbers are the difference makers right now and I'm sure Plex is liking the direction the team is going in (giving him a big role to be had) if he is smart he would take a cheaper shorter deal to make more later on.... or he can get a reward now and have Gainey walk away
  9. Word has it Moen got a 3 year $4.5M or $1.5M cap hit. Mara has a $1.9M contract
  10. I think the other teams noticed that one as well
  11. YES !!!!! Finally Travis Moen is a habs! I love this guy. He is very physical and a serious pain in the ass to play against.
  12. Mara made just under $2M last season so I assume it is the same [ hoping ...maybe lower?]
  13. Never mind. You're right.
  14. Youtube it.... it wasn't that long.
  15. I'm sorry but Cammalleri is worth the $6M he got. Don't forget, he scored the most goals out of all the UFA's available this year (Tied with Hossa @ 39 goals, and was 9th in the entire league.) If Alex "I need a timeout" Kovalev gets $5+ for his performance then Mike is worth the league max
  16. +1 Anyone that thinks he isn't needed, will retract that statement the first time Gomez is injured.
  17. When Higgins signed with the Rags a few days ago, was it a one year deal? I didn't even look lol
  18. Wilson is the USA coach as well. Talk about a lock for that roster huh?
  19. When the NHL was in it's infancy. A rule was in place shortly there after The point I was trying to make is/was, that they have been trying to get around rules in the game since the first rules were introduced.
  20. I would move anyone necessary to get Barker. (Youth aside )
  21. This really shouldn't suprise anyone. If there is a loophole to be found GM's will try it and exploit it until the hole is closed. The Rangers tried it when they played two goalies in net for part of a game (didn't work and they lost bad) Another tried to draft Ovechkin in the 7th round a year early because he was born on a leap year (Obviously it didn't work either.) Where there's a will, there's a way
  22. I'll love Lucic in a team Canada jersey (assuming he makes it) but man is he dirty player
  23. I'll go way out on a limb here and say the Habs finish with home ice for the playoffs and all the haters praise Gainey. AK 46 will turn the corner and become the player we envisioned when he was drafted.
  24. lmao nah, all the stars were in line for this kid. It was the most predictable pick ever. surprises AT the draft? Astyn Avtsyn is what you meant Dumont That big goalie surprises before UFA? hmmm don't expect anything surprises AFTER July 1st... HE BETTER DO SOMETHING @#$?$#$%# SURPRISING. The only suprise there is where he was picked
  25. Rotate by the guys who work for it. It's worked before.
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