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  1. I would rather lose with Price learning what it takes, rather than lose with Halak and gain nothing for Carey's development. Bring on game 4
  2. I don't think he has choked yet, the refs had a hand in the last "let Ovechkin do anything" game, But he will. I'd rather lose this series with Price learning what it takes, rather than wait for JM to get off his hands and lose the series with Halak anyway.
  3. I wish this one game was enough to finally seal the deal for Halak leaving but it won't be... sigh.
  4. Halak will choke and drop his trade value down so we get next to nothing at the draft.
  5. You got it right there Streamer. The Habs outplayed them every night, badly, and lost because of a hot goalie (hot for that series alone UGH!), it happens.
  6. The team has no direction and no rally point at all. Enough of the "by commitee" crap and name a captain, maybe then the players can get behind someone and make a stand... hell I'd even settle for making a play at this point.
  7. Well said ! I'd also like to point out that Price and Halak are not "close to the same age" at 22 Halak was watching NHL games on tv for the most part. Trade Halak at the draft for some nice young guys and lets see what Price can do in the next 2 years (then he will be the same age as Halak now)
  8. Halak 114 goals for in 40 appearances = 2.85 GFPG on average Price 99 goals for in 41 appearances = 2.41 GFPG on average So I guess if Halak has any goals for tonight he will increase the lead and be even in game appearances.
  9. 7-8 minutes more ice time helps too. I prefer Benny Chicken over Tenderness.
  10. Sounds like a cool league... where do I apply? oh wait a minute .......
  11. Right, but maybe Saku told them he would test the market..... maybe his numbers weren't good enough.... or maybe the cleaning crew threw it out. The point is that there are alot of intangibles to consider for anything that happens.
  12. Another one of these? Why is it all the Halak lovers make these threads just to have a place to trash Price as a bust at 22 years old? Where was Halak at 22 years old again?
  13. Not even a week into the job and you're already calling him a boob for a minor trade? I'd buy a mirror my friend.
  14. According to who? At the very best the draft is an educated guess. If you asked PK (and I have) he would have told you that he is exactly where he is supposed to be.
  15. Scary thing for the guys to watch there. the good thing is that it was at the end of the period so the guys can get a status update and be somewhat back into the game when play resumes. (assuming the news isn't bad of course)
  16. Why keep creating new threads for old fodder?
  17. We owe the Rags one from the last game..... 5 - 2 Habs win!
  18. I don't think it's a matter of people thinking he is a flash in the pan, but if he is going to demand top guy money, he had better be a top guy player for the duration of his contract. This is where the concern comes in from fans and media. He is having a great season so far, but he has yet to show any consistency in his career to date to warrant the money or term he is seeking. If he is looking to sign long term he had better be prepared to tone down the value of the contract.
  19. I think he was talking about losing those guys in order to resign Plex.
  20. I think Markov would turn it down, but I think he knows how the room feels about him.
  21. It sure wasn't the habs being bombarded with shots. I think they actually outshot the opposition for half of the games.... and that's saying something for the Habs. Is this game televised at all? (aside from RDS, damn cable company)
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