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  1. Yes actually. But since the proceeds are far less then the expense of rectifying the infringements, nothing is done or said in a legal setting. The same can be said about being able to share stream addresses with other board members.
  2. Oh come on... no one cares. Like the Big "CH"W logo isn't an infringement?
  3. You hit the nail on the head there. I'm going with Grimmace or the Hamburglar myself
  4. I understand the cap woes of teams during the offseason, but trading one of your top playoff performers for a 4th rounder? http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=285581 Yes they get Eaves as well, but he was already put on waivers so they can buy him out.
  5. Decent movie, but has major gaps in the story. Oh, and zero focus on anyone else (to the point that you don't even hear Beliveau mentioned more then once.) and really never realize he has a little brother .....who was not too shabby himself
  6. You forget his 69 points were with #1 centre ice time, on the # 1 line at the time.
  7. Enough of the personal attacks. It wasn't a personal attack, but thanks for blowing it out of proportion!
  8. Terrible scheduling. there is no way an original 6 team should be that long to open the season at home. ANAHEIM Sat, Oct. 3: Sharks ATLANTA Sat, Oct. 3: Lightning BOSTON Thurs, Oct. 1: Capitals BUFFALO Thurs, Oct. 3: Habs CALGARY Thurs, Oct. 1: Canucks CAROLINA Fri, Oct. 2: Flyers CHICAGO Sat, Oct. 10: Avs COLORADO Thurs, Oct. 1: Sharks COLUMBUS Sat, Oct. 3: Wild DALLAS Sat, Oct. 3: Predators DETROIT Thurs, Oct. 8: 'Hawks EDMONTON Sat, Oct. 3: Flames FLORIDA Sat, Oct. 10: Devils LOS ANGELES Sat, Oct. 3: Coyotes MINNESOTA Tues, Oct. 6: Ducks MONTREAL Thurs, Oct. 15: Avs NASHVILLE Thurs, Oct. 8: Avs NEW JERSEY Sat, Oct. 3: Flyers LONG ISLAND Sat, Oct. 3: Penguins NY RANGERS Sat, Oct. 3: Senators OTTAWA Thurs, Oct. 8: Islanders PHILADELPHIA Tues, Oct. 6: Capitals PHOENIX Sat, Oct. 10: Jackets PITTSBURGH Fri, Oct. 2: Rangers ST. LOUIS Thurs, Oct. 8: Thrashers SAN JOSE Thurs, Oct. 8: Jackets TAMPA BAY Thurs, Oct. 8: Devils TORONTO Thurs, Oct. 1: Habs VANCOUVER Mon, Oct. 5: Jackets WASHINGTON Sat, Oct. 3: Leafs Even the teams that start in Europe will open before the Habs, a full 5 days after the next longest into the season.
  9. I hope he does as well. PK Subban will be all over #6
  10. I saw PK in about 45 games in the last two years and this "defensively weak" BS has been written about him only once in the media but has spun into a life of it's own and now has become "fact".The truth is that it was unwarranted then and it boarders on lunacy now. No one who has coached him will ever agree with it and yet people still run with it like it is a common event. Step away from the "reports" and tv's and see a game to judge for yourself.
  11. Brutal stretch of games for the Habs just before the Olympic break. I'm glad none of our guys are playing.
  12. http://www.nhl.com/ice/schedulebyseason.htm?team=mtl Habs start with 5 on the road and then home for Colorado.
  13. 90% for 136 reviews now. Looks good, gotta go see it.
  14. If that's what the basis of your knowledge on Subban is, leave it up to somone else who knows.
  15. That is what they are talking about but it still should be a lock for him. It's one thing to ask stars to step out of character and play a different role, but it's another thing to have a guy that loves to do it.
  16. Does any of this matter at all? Will it change anything?
  17. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/ovec...article1217158/
  18. Ugh Another of these "Detroit develops prospects better than anyone in NHL history" types. Search the posts, it's been said and proven in the past.
  19. As far as NHL teams are concerned, not weaing the NHL jersey during an entire 3 year ELC is an utter waste.
  20. For the 7th or 8th time now.... I know he isn't playing here next year. You found out about him a week ago, I have known about him and his potential signing this summer for 3 months or more now; My comment of him replacing Plex had nothing to do with this season (as I told you he told his coaches in sweden he would be back for his last year of his contract despite the out clause for the NHL), I doubt Plex gets much over a 1 year contract because of it. "Not even close. This guy needs probably 2 years of AHL grooming." Engqvist will take next year and then come over. Where he plays is anyones guess but I can't see the habs wasting an entry level contract on 1 season in sweden and two more on the farm
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