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  1. Please just lose. All we want and need at this point.
  2. I don’t care what anyone says. There is no team, (excluding national teams) that moves it’s people like the Montreal Canadiens.
  3. Make for a climactic end of season! Go Bruins!!!!
  4. RIP to an absolute gentleman. Lady Byng could easily be renamed in his honor.
  5. Mark my words. Our d corps might be top 3 in the league in 4 yrs.
  6. Listened to the first two periods on my drive back from the airport. Hard to judge how they played off the radio but the play by play guys made it seem that they were keeping up.
  7. And we all thought Bergy was a gambler..
  8. Maybe Smilanic coming to Montreal opens the door to Yaniv Perets signing with us 😍
  9. Seeing as to how I’m 10 min away from Quinnipiac and one of my managers is a cheerleader for the bobcats, I might have to convince him to come in for a pizza and a meet and greet. Great trade!!
  10. Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it. Ben has been saying it all along. This team might not be as bad as they've played all year. Now the question remains; will this recent 180 makes Gorton and Hughes alter their rebuild strategy?
  11. Jesus Christ who are these guys???
  12. Yeah but they ain't overturning this one. What a snipe!!!!
  13. Can someone get Hammond a new set of pads already??
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