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  1. Man we look like chickens with their heads chopped off
  2. Going from zero fans all season to 17k screaming hooligans bodes well for our boys. Shits about to get real. 🔵⚪️🚨
  3. Even after beating both the Leafs and Winnipeg we STILL don’t get the respect we deserve. Oh well. Time to make them eat crow again. Habs in 5 Just because.
  4. He wouldn’t last 3 seconds with He wouldn’t last 3 seconds with Yvonne..
  5. Still can’t get over that Suzuki goal. Absolute thing of beauty.
  6. Not to mention Tatar might have a slight chip on his shoulder about how things went for him in Vegas.
  7. Can you imagine the level of bitterness the Leafs fans must feeling??
  8. *secretly looking at flight prices to Denver and Vegas*
  9. And the talking heads keep saying Winnipeg can still win this series 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. it’s on nhl network but you should be able to get it on the app
  11. So although I’m 45 and have technically been alive for their last 6 cups, I’ve never watched them win live (in person or even on TV) I’ve been a die hard fan since I can remember but in ‘86 we left from Quebec for a 2 month family trip to Greece right after the conference finals with the Rangers. I was fortunate enough to have been in the Forum for game 5 against New York but had to resort to Short Wave radio searching to find out if they actually won the cup. In 1990 we moved to Greece so I basically followed the team through 2 day old USA Today newspapers. I moved back to Montreal in 94’ for University but we’ve been pretty futile since. Now I’m living in the US and knowing my luck they’ll go on a tear and win it all this year and I still won’t be able to take my kids (who are also die hard fans by default) to the damn parade!!!
  12. If my memory serves me correctly were you not at the Forum for game 5? (Standing room)
  13. Oh what id give to hear that song again.. That being said, they better open the border soon. If they miraculously make a run and pull off a title of epic proportions I HAVE to be able to bring my kids to Montreal. (I’m also seriously considering taking a trip from Connecticut to Vegas or Colorado to watch a game or two)
  14. NHL Network is actually giving the Habs some love tonight. They are starting to believe..
  15. I only got to see the 3rd period but never at any point did I feel they were really on the ropes. There’s a level of confidence that’s overtaken them. Bodes well for the rest of this series.
  16. Was expecting 3. Was hoping for 5. Will settle for 4.
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