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  1. I hate weed!! this is 45 yrs of being a habs fan talking!!!
  2. Straight for the jugular please and thank you.
  3. Please dear God let them hold the lead into the 3rd
  4. I’m calling it. Suzuki will score when it matters the most.
  5. Team looks good so far. Let’s Hope they keep it up.
  6. I’m expecting a whale of a game from 26.
  7. Let's get it done boys!! I don't think I can handle my 8yr old's meltdown if they lose.
  8. Same bullshit from ESPN+. 2 contrarians out of 6
  9. All this talk about the Leafs being this, the leafs being that has me beyond annoyed. It’s like the only team that can actually beat the Leafs is the Leafs themselves. F&$k this shit. Do we deserve league wide respect after our showing this far in the series? Hardly. But last time I checked we’ve made it to a winner takes all against this “intergalactic” lineup. No respect from anyone. Bodes well for us. We’ve managed to get into their heads. 4-1 Montreal and it’s not even close.
  10. Oh it will. Eventually. In the meantime I get to enjoy the ride with my kids.
  11. ‘Tis is the life of your average sports fan my friend!! Glad to see you’re still around. It’s been almost 20yrs that we’ve been here.
  12. Yvonne worked her magic in 2010. It’s time she works her magic again.
  13. Definitely winning after blowing a 3 goal lead..
  14. I swear I thought he hit the post the way it rattled out of the net. Safe to say Yvonne worked her magic...
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