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  1. Where are the Koivu bashers now?......just what i thought!!
  2. Kovalev should go! Go back home russians we dont need you!
  3. Kovalev sucks, Price Sucks, habs lose. Thats it thats all.
  4. Im not going to lie these jerseys do come from overseas but from a RBK factory. And goalerexpert86 we can probably figure something out im not very familiar with shipping process so i will need to inform myself but im sure we can do something just PM me some info and we'll get to it.
  5. Hey Habsworld, just letting you know that I am currently in the Jersey Selling Business and if you are interested in NHL or NFL jerseys i can get it for you for a good cheap price compared to store market value. If you are interested PM me and i will get back to you ASAP. Jerseys Include: Most big name NHL and NFL superstars. NHL winter classic jerseys Habs 100 year patches Old CCM jerseys including Lemieux and Roy...etc Shipping Within Two weeks All NHL jerseys include figh strap and Authenticity Tags Currently selling a Malkin winter classic that I got by mistake so no waiting period. Must be in the vicinity of Montreal (ask for details)
  6. The announcer is actually correct. It's pronounced Plekanets. He actually told reporters a couple of years ago that this is how to pronounce his name so this thread is pretty useless.
  7. Alexstream: Isn't this supposed to be a rumor thread? lol But seriously Alex was that necessary? Am I really that bad? I am sort of in between with the whole coaching thing, and I understand where both sides are coming from but is this necessary, Carbo is BG's boy and will not be fired. The only way i see Carbo leaving is if he resigns (which is possible). Enough of the coaching debates this is a Rumor Thread!! Ps: Forgive me I am not too good with quoting
  8. If koivu is the king of mediocrity then I think Kovalev is the Queen of pansy useless players that this team doesn't need. Sbhatt you still think Kovalev is going to be signed and not Koivu? You're going to be eating your words buddy because I don't think Gainey re-signs undersacheiving pre-madonnas...sorry buddy Your precious Kovalev is Gone!
  9. With all do respect Kozed I don't think TCC was comparing Koivu to Yzerman or Sakic, he was just asking if either of the two "jumped" other players...
  10. What happened when Koivu lost his freaking eye against Caronlina? We lost four straight. What happened when Koivu got surgury for his eye? He came back and had a career best in point...with one f*cking eye! Who had to be rushed back to the playoffs last year when we started losing to Boston? Koivu and he led the team in PLayoff points. What has Kovalev done for me lately? NOTHING! You might wanna delay that champagne celebration because Saku is the heart and soul of this team and its people like you that think because Kovalev is proven, you are blind when he plays bad. Mark my words Koivu will get an extention and retire in MTL, thank you very much!
  11. Kovalev has been by far one of the worst players this year. What people don't understand is that points don;t always reflect the players performance. Just because kovalev got a flukie assist yesterday doesn'y mean he deserved it. He is a coaster and the year he should be playing well because he is a UFA he isn't. Kovalev wishes he was half the player koivu is. Kovi has no heart and no passion, he just coasts and doesn't care as long as hes making money. And I know what some of you will say, "Koivu isn't playing well either" or "What has Koivu done in his career" Well look as his past teamates. I mean, Playing with Zednik and Bulis on the top line, how do you expect him to perform well. No wonder some euros are playing so soft on out team, its because they look up to kovalev. Ke doesn't hit, he coasts, he loses the puck all the time, he can't score anymore and when he does he's like "who cares", he has no passion, no heart and should be hit by an 18 wheeler.
  12. Sundin is a Canuck according to TSN and RDS. Finally OVER!! http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=260123&lid...s=topStory_main http://www.rds.ca/hockey/chroniques/265617.html
  13. If you're reffering to Kovalev i agree with you but if Koivu is one of those players that you're thinking of then you're absolutely wrong! Koivu is the heart and soul of the habs and without him habs are close to nothing (see playoffs vs Canes). And about the game...it was horrible kovalev sucks, lats sucks bad goals, hard to watch this team play like shit!! They beat Calgary and detroit but lose to Tampa and NYI WTF is that!!
  14. why does the TSN article say that komisarek is playing RW?
  15. I think out best centre is Koivu...correct me if im wrong
  16. Kovalev is pissing me off!! For a guy playing in his contract year he's showing absolutely nothing. What was he doing the last minute of the game, clearing the puck when we had to attack!! I have nothing more to say, its just too frustrating
  17. I attended this game, it was awesome except for some of the mistakes Price made. He was getting too comfortable out of his net and made a couple of rookie mistakes, His rebound control was horrible. Hamrlik had a sub-par game and surprisingly Dandenault had some jump. Habs need to get their rythm back because if they can only pull out a shootout win over CAR, then something needs to be done taking into account we had all of our top players playing. Good game overall, not alot of intensity but I got a good bang for my buck (300 for the pair) What puzzled me was why Eric Staal was first star??
  18. I think that Tommy K played pretty well, he drove to the net and that's his job, and he got awarded with a point. And what happened to Spideman NL? he was the game thread master...
  19. yaaa i was right... but we still lost so it doesnt matter
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