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  1. I'm with you. Though Aaron Ward said today he can't imagine that Galchenyuk and Therrien see eye to eye at this point.
  2. How did you come up with all that? The thinking in this scenario is that Galchenyuk will shine. That he's possibly being held back, in an effort to turn him into something he isn't. A chip it out off the boards, dump and chase type. Living with the consequences would be a shift to shift thing. Cover up for him if he uses his creativity, but turns over the puck.
  3. As usual, The Cucumber hit's it out of the park. I'm curious though. Do you put any stock in the theory that MT is to blame for Galchenyuk's troubles? Usage? Attention to defensive responsibilities? Heard on local radio today that some vets in the mid 80's went to coaching and said let Stephane Richer do his thing. They'd live with the consequences.
  4. Petry and his wife both appear to be from Michigan. If his wife isn't, she certainly has a connection to that state. He might want to play in Detroit. That's the point of free agency, he'll get to choose. If he does so, it won't be MB's fault. Somehow I'm certain people will find a way to blame MB, MT, Youppi!, and anyone else they can come up with.
  5. Sometimes, there's just no deal to be had. MB tried, and didn't like what was being offered, or the price. MB has his dream job, and he has a mega star in goal for the next decade. I get the feeling he's trying to build a team that will contend for years to come, not a quick fix. This might be the dumbest thread Habsworld has ever had.
  6. At the end of the day I don't give a f**k what fans of other teams think, even more so what the Toronto based media thinks. I do find it remarkable that our favourite team is proving them right, to perfection. We all knew it would be tough for our forwards in the playoffs. But this is pathetic. Even game 2, both goals scored by D. Nice job boys, proving that all we are is a great goalie.
  7. I feel bad for Carey Price. He has to throw a shutout every game, has to be perfect, or we lose. His post game comments were all one word answers. People get all wound up over individual awards. He clearly doesn't. This team is running the risk of wasting this remarkable season. F**k the pompoms, they can't score. It's not about systems. It's about talent. It's about finish.
  8. Did anyone catch the Bobby Ryan whiplash display? Doesn't take away from PK diving or not. It's just so laughable, pure comedy really.
  9. To answer your question, no, they don't watch. We allow 30.3 shots per game. The team with the fewest is Minnesota at 26.9. I'm thinking Carey can handle those 3 extra shots.
  10. On local radio I found what Ray Ferraro said interesting. He's become a favourite of mine. He thought, unbelievably, MB might have run out of time. The art of the deal. Not wanting to over pay. He also feels the east is all relatively equal.
  11. Allen wasn't a flop. It was a brilliant salary dump. He was in the minors when we got him, and that's where he belongs.
  12. I'd love to see Leafs retain salary on a deal today. LOVE IT. It would eat away at the cap space they got back with the Clarkson trade.
  13. Anyone else think this MB made the trade for MT narrative is complete bs? People act like they don't talk. I like Sekac, and anyone who puts that sweater on. But how many games did he not contribute? Even McGuire, who has reason to be bitter, said no way. You earn your ice time. Yes, yes, DD seems like an exception. Sekac went undrafted for a reason. He could wind up being another Brunnstrom. Who was also highly coveted.
  14. That's simply not how it works. Galchenyuk's time will come at center. MT is icing the lineup he is most comfortable with. And it's working. Galchenyuk knows how to play the position anyway.
  15. How can you say that, from watching tv in your basement? I'll say this about Guy, he doesn't seem to even get interviews.
  16. Both good coaches, both francophone. Who's really upset though? A few 12 year olds posting on TSN? MT isn't going anywhere, and he shouldn't.
  17. Emelin for Eberle? Any takers? I love our team at the moment, and playing fantasy GM isn't my thing.
  18. Therrien's getting an extension. You people wanting him gone are dreaming.
  19. Thanks "Rocket" Richard. I paid face value for the pair. I won't get into details, but I had a rough 2013, health wise. Lucky to be here, and I just turned 43. So I've changed my approach to life. Gotta LIVE.
  20. i was at the game, directly behind Habs penalty box. You could probably see my beer on tv. Attending a game in this city is something I wish you could all experience, especially during the playoffs. When Ginette Reno sang the anthem, i really couldn't say if she did a proper job, i could barely hear her. That's how loud we were singing it with her. i don't have much to say about the game. Aside from Stamkos, Tampa doesn't have much. The woman I brought to the game giggled at how small Gionta and Desharnais are. They actually seem smaller live, but they're both a treat to watch. I laugh at Leaf fan even more now, the one's who don't like the Ole chant. You get caught up in the atmosphere. you can't help yourself. I expect round 2 to be much tougher, if we make it. Tampa sure could use Martin St. Louis.
  21. There's a variety of reasons why the Leafs haven't play well down the stretch. I don't know what they are, nor do I care, but I'll say this. I have no problem with coach Carlisle saying Reimer played "OK". Going after his wife on Twitter was disgusting, but why does Carlisle have to sugar coat his comments, and put a cherry on top for Reimer? When we beat the Leafs, Reimer didn't look that great. It looked to me like his basic positioning was off. To me Reimer looks like a wimp. Now with Bernier out for 3 weeks, Reimer has a chance to prove people wrong.
  22. Based on Marc Bergevin's interview just now on Chris Nilan's radio show, Brian Gionta will be resigned. He didn't come right and and say it, but he loves what his captain brings to the table.
  23. I can't take it anymore. Senaturd fan has convinced himself his team is built for the playoffs. Like Anderson's all world goaltending wasn't the reason they eliminated our team last year.
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