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  1. You seem to get too consumed with the crazy opinions of others. They could be 12 years old on their mother's computer. I agree with you though. MB probably won't trade the captain. And he's even less likely to trade DD. First off, nobody wants him and that contract. And secondly, he'll get another chance to prove himself.
  2. Hamilton just got themselves a 20 goal scorer. Nothing wrong with that.
  3. As usual, Colin in the voice of reason around here. PK is already our best player, and he's not even in his prime. He's going to make a huge amount of money, and always be in Norris Trophy conversations. It'll get done, and hopefully here, for many years.
  4. Don't shoot the messenger, but, Pierre McGuire said if Desharnais was available, not a single GM would even call. Yes, McGuire's an easy target. Let's not forget, he said Kaberle was untradable the day we got him. Turns out he was right.
  5. You have to laugh. We got beat in all of those fights.
  6. These perimeter shots from 40 feet out are useless.
  7. If that's the case, then a website like this isn't for you. We're missing an entire line tonight. Sure, somebody from the Sens could fall in the shower, or hurt his finger in the door of a taxi. A "rational" analysis of our chances tonight says we're in tough, to say the least.
  8. This could get ugly with Carey Price. I believe in him, but if this keeps up, he's going to be run out of town. Also, when I see that Ottawa Sun cover, I laugh. Who reads newspapers anymore? I'm old enough to remember when they were relevant. All those people will be unemployed in 5 years tops.
  9. This is so bizarre to me. I respect the Sens. I feel no hatred towards them. Ok, Chris Neal? I heard he grew up a Habs fan. I hope we win, and both teams remain healthy.
  10. Leafs in 5, and it's going to be painful to watch. In fact, I won't. I'm thinking Carey Price is playing himself off Team Canada. Yes it's early to say
  11. Buffalo looks like we did last season. Just going through the motions. Got the win, no injuries, that's about all you can take from it. They better get ready for Saturday night.
  12. I saw a stat, not sure where. Eller has the same amount of power play points as DD in 1/5th of the time.
  13. What official forums are you talking about? And who cares about the inner workings of a silly website like this? Toughen up buddy. I look forward to future contributions from you. We can sure use it. I've been lurking around here for 10+ years, and a member for around 8. This place was a lot busier before.
  14. My brother in Toronto just frantically texted me. On local radio Kypreos won't stfu about how Bergevin made a mistake not signing PK to a longer deal. That he'll ask for something crazy like 8 million if Norris trophies start being handed to him. For cap reasons only, that's a bit troubling. I hope Colin is right about the 6 million range per season.
  15. I've got no time for anyone who blames Lucic. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. We blame Lucic, and we're opening ourselves up to 911 jokes.
  16. I see Ryder as a rental. His performance so far is a bonus. I'm loving it. We should all just enjoy the ride. I think MB stays the course. The trade was made, in part, for cap relief.
  17. My daughter was very impressed with Chara's dive after the Eller sweater tug. She would know, I've been paying for ballet and hip-hop for years.
  18. Was that a dive? Impossible, they don't dive. They also never get power pays against us. Fire Julien I suppose.
  19. So let's get it straight before the game starts...if any of our players should fall down, it's a dive...we're all smurfs and wussies, but if we use our speed and draw a penalty, which is our game plan, it's because we have all the refs in our back pocket....if PK lays a clean hit, he must fight the entire Bruin roster, or he sucks and is a "racist expletive"...have I got it covered? I just know there's more excuses. All my life, we've never beat the Bruins fair and square, in their eyes.
  20. Exactly. Crosby eating through a straw now. Bergeron hurt in Boston, and our record vs Rask is good. Bourque and Diaz skating. They're as good as any deadline deal. I like our team going into the playoffs. Bergevin's good.
  21. I signed it weeks ago. Big fan of the programming.
  22. I know he's very excitable. But on local radio Pierre McGuire called this a great trade for our favorite team.
  23. Let's just say this. Redden is more of a Pierre Gauthier type player than a Marc Bergevin type. I'd be very surprised if a trade was made for him.
  24. Hey, semantics was my word a few posts earlier! Sure, Brendan Gallagher and Kaberle for a 17th rounder should get er done. I'll repeat it one last time. The annoying experts we'd all love to see get it wrong, said he was untradeable the day we acquired him. He's still here, and may get bought out this summer. Why? Because?......you guessed it.
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