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  1. You know there is no magic formula for prospect development. If Slaf was in a situation where he'd be benched after the first turnover, having his confidence shattered by a vengeful coach, I'd want him out of Montreal as well. Marty seems determined to help him without shattering his confidence, so I believe we should keep an open mind here, it seems management all want the best for the kid.
  2. The language debate really needs to go. Fans will embrace this team no matter who the stars are, as long as they win. Actually, even when they lose. I don't remember hearing too many boos for Caufield and Suzuki this year. It would be a handcuff on the development of this team if there is any weight put on players language when drafting and developing prospects. We need only to look at recent history, the drafting of Leblanc and trade for Drouin as examples of why this can't be a factor. Lets get on with a more logical debate!
  3. Looking forward to watching Big Ben make life miserable for leafs forwards in playoffs again this year! I would imagine there'll be a move or two at most now before trade deadline, so far it's hard to argue with any of the moves made by Hughes. Now the hope is his great reputation as an agent will help in getting some college kids signed!
  4. I think its obvious that guys like Dvorak and Drouin need to get healthy and play with MSL as coach before management makes any decisions on their futures with the team. After reading about Hughs interview with Engles yesterday, I'm thinking we will see 2 trades at the deadline, Chariot for sure and either Petry or Kulak. Thats it. If Drouin and Dvorak come back and play well the last part of the season, its most likely they remain part of the team for the start of next season.
  5. Ducharme may not be a total moron, but if you look at the sequence of events during his tenure of the team, the only thing that makes sense is the following. He took over during a losing streak wth a rash of injuries and an incredibly tight schedule. He never had time to impliment his system so the ream kept playing Julien's system, and barely squeaked into the playoffs. Once there Weber and Price returned, and the habs got rolling after a slow start. Initially not dressing any of the teams young players other than Suzuki, many of us questioned Ducharme lineup choices on a nightly basis. KK and Caufield returned to the lineup and provided some timely offence, however Romanov was unexplainably scratched in favour of AHL calibre retreads for almost the entire playoffs. Going into this years regular season, Ducharme began to institute his system, he was without Price and Weber, which was indeed a huge hole to start in. The players were confused and eventually disillusioned with the new system. When things didn't go as planned, the coach did not adapt, couldn't change his approach, and the losses piled up. The games lost to injury made the situation even worst. The management change meant his fate was sealed for sure, but he was given the chance to finish the year as coach. All he had to do to keep his job was play the young guys real minutes, and lose competitively for the remainder of the season. Instead we had Caufield on the fourth line, his confidence shot. Poor defensive play had to huge shot totals which destroyed Primeau's confidence as well. The team was in such terrible shape that a coaching change had to be made before management really wanted. Immediately following the coaching change, the teams spirit is lifted. Although the players defend Ducharme publicly (mostly) the incredible change in team spirit can lead one to only one conclusion, Ducharme and his system were killing this team. In my opinion, Ducharme's (Julien and Therrian as well) insistence on punishing young players every mistake, benching and inability to teach destroyed the careers of many young players like KK, Mete, Galchenyuk. WE have been saddled with this nonsense since carbo was replaced as head coach. The change is refreshing, so I'll reserve judgement on the teams direction as it seems to be in good hands now.
  6. We will know a little more today after the PC. Lets not forget that Richardson is a very capable bench boss. He has shown on multiple occasions that he can run the team (did a better job than DD in the playoffs I thought), so as for the technical aspect of the game, I don't think there's a huge concern with St Louis as coach, at least for the remainder of this season.
  7. I'd just throw this in there after watching the kid last night. I think he'd fit better on a line with KK and Lek rather than Danault and Tatar. Better set up centre, A speedy winger with great defence, and a pure sniper. Move Staal to wing or centre on 4th line. I wasn't so sure about Caufield playing NHL hockey this season, but that performance last night was no fluke, AHL defenders had no answer for his skill, speed and shot. The kid is an NHL player no doubt.
  8. Uh...have you watched NFL football lately? They also have some terrible calls in big games, they can never get pass interference right. Add to that the fact that hockey may be the hardest game to call in all of pro sports because of the pace of the game, and I don't think the officiating is better or worst than any other league.
  9. The goaltending will be better. I think you’ll see a lot of tinkering with lines if things don’t go well at the start. I’d like to see Evans have a good game maybe put some pressure on Danault who was brutal last game. If he’s not winning face offs I’m not sure what he brings at this point.
  10. No morning skate? Sure would be interesting to see what lineup changes of any we might see tonight
  11. I think Gilbert gets traded for a 3rd rounder. Emelin stays, he has a NTC. Tinordi gets dealt since he must clear waivers this year, along with Paterin, and he hasn't progressed in three years. He gets traded at the draft to move up if MB likes a prospect.
  12. Anderson was great the last time he faced Habs in the playoffs. He has not since been able to play to that level. Plus he is rusty. I think the sens are screwed.
  13. I would do NB or Tinordi and Fucale for Yak or Eberle in a flash, without even thinking about it. I just don't think Fucale is that good.
  14. I'd put PAP out there with Plekanic and Galchenyuk for a few games.
  15. On coaches corner cherry complaining about Habs players laughing at the leafs. What a moron. They are one of the leagues youngest teams, they are winning, thus they are a loose and happy bunch. That's why they are laughing.
  16. Eller is upset with his play. He really seems to be lost out there and I wouldn't be shocked to see him moved by Monday. I still believe he has potential to be a decent 2nd line centre but it probably won't happen here. As for SM, he looked pretty decent considering its his first game and all.
  17. I Believe next season Tinordi becomes subject to waivers? Not sure but I know Paterin does. So either we trade Paterin, he makes the team or we lose him to waivers. If it's the same with Tinordi, then it really will be interesting to see how it goes. At this point, to me, Paterin looks better and actually has good size as well. I Think we lose one of the two for sure.
  18. Just like to mention a few things. Sometime before Christmas the HNIC crew were sitting around after the early games and at the time the Habs and leafs were not too far apart in the standings. A couple of them started discussing who they thought would win a playoff series between the two. rhudy didn't take part in this, but Healey stated he thought it would come down to goaltending and forward depth and for that reason he was picking the leafs. Really. Fast forward to now, not even Healey is saying that. That panel, other than Rhudy, are nothing but a bunch of idiot leaf fans and should be removed. Anyhow back to our team. Beaulieu is looking really good I like his confidence. To all of you who want to be hard on Patches for not being a bully I say when you have a 30-40 goal man who back checks, kills penalties and has the respect of his team you'd better appreciate that they are a rare breed! I see the tread on Kessel vs Patches and I can't believe that is even being discussed. Hopung to see Price back for next game, go Habs!
  19. There really are no easy games anymore. Good teams can consistently win close games, bad teams can still put forward a good effort but they are bad because they usually lose close ones. Blowouts are fairly rare when you think about it.
  20. I think Tinordi is at least as reliable as any of Gilbert, Allen or Weaver. Time to give him another look.
  21. DD is right where he belongs. We now have a first line which can score against other teams best lines, while dd gets to face other teams second or third tier players. That's great because he can thrive there. Sekac had an off night, it happens. PAP getting all that ice time baffles me. Malhotra didn't see much ice, maybe time for him to sit out a few games? Anyhow, despite all our concerns, the team keeps winning!
  22. Although, like all of you, I have no idea what goes on in the dressing room between periods, from watching the last few years I am confident saying that there is one person on that bench that all the players listen to. He's the one who has visibly scolded PK when he needed it, and although he doesn't say a lot, he is probably the most respected voice on the team. Markov needs to be captain.
  23. I have to laugh when I look at some comments on here. The team is 6-1 and looking better every game, I mean really, what more can we ask at this point? I think overall the team is moving in the right direction, the end goal being a cup contender. I think MB has to be pleased with the teams progress.
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