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  1. I havn't been overly succesful at predicting Gaineys moves (except for the Carbonneau thing, which I nailed), but I'm betting if Gainey is talking with Dumont, it means he has a possible trade worked out for Abiesher...remember, you heard it here first..ha ha.
  2. Can't trade Bonk to pick up Dumont, we are allready short on experienced centres..also, didn't Gainey say he was done?
  3. I'd like to see Cote given a chance, I think he'd develop into a good reliable d-man, I was impressed with his play last year.
  4. Maybe a bit too early to call boom or bust, what do you guys think? He was a step behind the premier prospects at last months mini camp, so I'm a little worried.
  5. Ottawa Carolina Phil Montreal Buffalo Atlanta Florida NY Rangers I think Rangers and Devils struggle this year, the Devils no longer having adequate talent, the Rangers having over achieved last year. A year of strong goaltending and better scoring moves Habs into leagues upper level this year. TO still sucks.
  6. Ha ha..say what u want about those pictures, but I bet we all wish we were there in place of Garth. Does that make him a good GM..hell no, unless he's picking a team for the bikini contest! Anyhow, the Islanders latest moves do indeed remind me of the Houle hiring, and I think they will see the same disasterous results. The best thing fans of this team can hope for is Mr Wang loses interest and sells the team.
  7. IMO, most logical spot for another Canadian team is the Toronto area. The leafs haven't won a cup since 67, haven't even been close (except in the eyes of TO media), and they still pack the place every night. There are some hockey fans starving for cheaper tickets in TO, as well.
  8. I'm not sold on Luongo. He's played for some crappy teams, but he's never managed a winning season, to my knowledge, and never won any awards for his regular season work. You heard it here first, I think he'll be a huge disapointment this year. I think the nucks are in for a rough season.
  9. Maybe the smaller equipment has negatively affected the butterfly guys more than we suspected. I'm interested to see how Luongo plays this year. For all his talent, he has never had a winning season, never won any awards...his excuses run out in Vancouver, which should still, after all the departures, be the best team he has ever played for.
  10. I haven't seen anything from Bulis the Habbie today, have he changed his nickname, or has he left?
  11. Nice to see Ryder signing before arbitration, those hearings can get nasty, from what I've read. The one year deals from Gainey are interesting, he'll be very busy next year, but he'll probably have a better idea of what these guys are worth, long term after this season. My understanding is that Ryder is still restricted after this year.
  12. Briere is no superstar. He's had one year of over 1.00 ppg, and while he may continue this in the new NHL, there's no way he should ever have been awarded 5 mil. The only way he ends up a habs is if Buffalo walks away from the decision, making him an UFA. Gainey won't trade for him, or for Gomez, because he can't afford these guys. Paying either one of those 2 outside of the 3.5 to 4 million range is overspending, in my opinion.
  13. You people crapping on Ryder..what a joke. Did you even watch any games last year? Many times, when the team was short due to injuries, he was our only offensive threat. I like our young guys, but other than Higgens, Ryder was the only player who allways looks like he might put the puck in the net. Both Julian and Gainey relied heavily on Ryder last year. So what if 15 of his goals were power play goals, all goal scorers have similar stats. I didn't see anyone else popping in 30 goals for us last year. Maybe if he were french you people, and the Montreal media, might like him better. Well, guys, fact is, he's a newf, like me, and he probably doesn't care what you think anyway.
  14. Should we be concerned over the lack of signings by Gainey? Maybe we shouldn't. I see GM's like Fergeson out there seemingly signing players for the sake of signing players. Kubina for 5 mil? Sorry, I just don't see that as being the right thing to do. Also, the cap means that the free spenders will eventually run out of space. Will next years crop of free agents be a better lot than this years? Who knows. All I know is that right now, teams seem to be throwing out huge money, or long term deals, which will probably not work out for them in a lot of cases. I would have loved to see Elias or Arnott in a habs uniform. Elias will be a great player for years, but what about Arnott..what kind of player will he be in 2 or 3 years? I think Gainey is looking at the current roster, liking what they did at the end of the season, and thinking he'd be happy going into the new season with much the same group. As well, I do believe he's looking to make a few trades, as we have players like Abeisher, Zednik, Ribero and perhaps Bonk, who may not be in Gaineys plans. Abeisher, I think, is most likely to be traded, as he doesn't relish the backup role, and there are still several teams out there with poor goaltending... Detroit and Boston stand out, but there are others. Finally, the remaining FA out there are not an overly impressive group, other than Shannahan (I'm not a big Samsonov fan at all), so I really wouldn't hold my breath on a signing, its just not likely to happen.
  15. Accept being a habs? He can kiss my (and all habs fans) ass!@**&^^!!!
  16. Don't worry...Gainey is smarter than most of us, and he seen Dummi play last year. 99% of spectors rumors are groundless.
  17. I'd love to see Gainey trade up for Brassard, and I think he'll try, if it doesn't cost too much in the way of young players/prospects. I'm also convinced that Arnott is on the way, taking care of the center ice problem. We probably need some young defensive prospects the most, so I predict Gainey will load up on d-men in the later rounds, hoping one or 2 of them work out. I predict no goaltenders taken by habs this year.
  18. I love the choice of Muller, a great leader, character player, and allways seemed to have a good knowledge of the game as well. Lets hope his time with the dirty maple leafs didn't ruin his great attitude!
  19. I don't see this game as huge at all, in fact, its pretty meaningless, if you ask me. I like seeing Huet in there, getting some rubber before playoffs begin (he'll start, no question, no matter what Bob says). I'd rest Koivu, Markov, etc, call up a few kids who'll likely be called up for the playoffs anyway (Kostitsyn, Cote, etc) and let them play. Huet seems mentally tough, losing this game won't cause him to panic.
  20. This whole tread is just silly..of course, if Atlanta had won more games than Montreal, they would be in...what a ridiculous statement. Habs are in because, despite some terrible stretches, they out performed Atlanta, Toronto, etc over the full season, case closed.
  21. Encouraging signs for tonights game... 1. Habs allways seem to beat Islanders 2.Several players broke out of long scoring slumps..this often leads to better play..so lets look for big games from Ryder, Perezoigen and Komisarik 3. I thought Bonk and Zednik looked great last night, even though they didn't score 4. Chris Higgens and Chris Huet both played well again..the 2 Chris's are golden 5. Souray is finally playing like a guy who's played defense before. 6. Most important good sign...Markov is playing tonight!
  22. Back when CJ was booted and Gainey took over, I suggested Higgens would be a player who would shine under this regime, as he is an excellent 2-way player, and I still believe that. He will be one of our best players for years to come. As to wether or not he will be a 'first liner', well, he's playing on our first line, which by definition, makes him a first liner. As to wether he'll ever be a star NHLer, only time will tell, but he's certainly headed in that direction, I think.
  23. I don't think you'll see Gainey sign another big name goaltender, either this summer or through trades tomorrow..I think he's happy with Huet and Danis for now, and I betcha we'll be seeing Bertuzzi or Joikenin coming this way tomorrow. Theo may well regain his form, but he might never have come around in Montreal, so I think he had to go.
  24. I saw the interview..Koivu wasn't laughing at Theo at all..wow, you people are worst than the fans in Montreal, making a mountain over a mole-hill. Koivu didn't show any disrespect at all. Also, Habberoooknows, I think you need to get out more, because your imagination is working overtime...where do you come up with it? Also, I don't see why you need to be so vulger on here, its a hockey forum, I personally don't want to read that kind of language on here, and I think you should be booted.
  25. I think Theo is honestly taking the drug for hair loss..his performance doesn't look enhanced at all this year.
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