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  1. If Danault walks, does this mean that Poehling is ready to go and Evans is the new shutdown centre?
  2. This team should be completely vaxxed by now. Makes me wonder if we’ll be short handed in the Cup finals due to flat earthers, Chem trail lunatics and anti vaxxers lurking on the team.
  3. This is key. Hammer this guy often and without mercy. Will take him out but may also trigger TB into doing something stupid while we grind and grind and grind our way to glory!
  4. Love the game 7 development between TBL and NYI but also learning that Kuch will be playing hurt if they make it to the next round. The big 3 on our D know exactly where to target him too.
  5. F the Knights and their shitty little goal. We f’ing grind. Grind and grind. We’re right where we want to be.
  6. I’m thinking of making a donation to the CNIB on behalf of the nhl refs association. Who else is in? Get enough money going and it’ll cause a stir.
  7. First period after being home. Shake it off. Let’s decapitate some knights.
  8. Toffoli was gaslighting Patio. And it worked like a charm.
  9. https://v.cameo.com/e/9oOIWBHj5gb Back like ‘93!
  10. Vegas has played a lot of hockey already. Our D could expose them to a beating they haven’t had yet. I also like the Fleury-Price matchup. (Did you see that first COL goal?… vintage fleury absenteeism)
  11. Petry>Romanov>Ouellet Cant believe i actually have to post this
  12. Lavoie reporting that Petry will take warmup. Merrill also back on ice in Brossard.
  13. Crossing my fingers for Petry to be in tmrw.
  14. After that post game interview, my opinion of Perry keeps getting better and better
  15. Jets are trashed. Borderline non-professional behaviour.
  16. Have to say that we’ve already surpassed my expectations. Anything here on in is tasty gravy. Savour it! Doesn’t happen every year.
  17. If Weber leaves, yes. The analytics nerds are not high on him - so I’ve heard. Anyone have a good source?
  18. Looking at the roster we have 9 forwards that are definitely must keep. Maybe 10. On D, we are 5 must keep. I would jettison Tatar and Drouin. Controversially, Weber. That frees 18 mill to find better players. That’s MB’s job this summer.
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