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  1. Also MB to Suzuki: ”People tell me I should trade you for PLD. I tell them to go f themselves. Now go and score me 2 goals.”
  2. Byron’s wheels are ridiculous. (like EV against ICE)
  3. Tonight’s game is anecdotal of how we don’t need a PLD. It ain’t broke.
  4. Our depth will be key here. The oilers 3rd and 4th line look like a dogs breakfast to me on the surface. Their D does not compare to ours.
  5. Would like to see Anderson terrorize the opposing D tonight.
  6. Time for all fellow Habs autists to jump on this power train because we’re going to the moon.
  7. TSN’s Seravelli just put us at #1. Traditionally I’m not a big fan of finishing 1st (risk of coasting into the playoffs, while others fight tooth and nail). It puts teams at significant disadvantage. I don’t think that will happen this year. This is going to be a street brawl from beginning to end.
  8. Love this discussion. We’re basically triaging good players up and down the whole lineup. Other years, we would be patching the 3rd and 4th line with marginal players.
  9. He should keep his mouth shut if he wants to stick around.
  10. Just realized that CJ is officially back. With all the player movement in the off-season, his health scare was moved to the back of the bus.
  11. I take these old anecdotes as signs of excitement and enthusiasm. I remember being a kid (about 5th grade) and my old man taking me to the Forum for my first ever NHL game. Playoffs - Habs v Flyers and the infamous Ron Hextall. Sometime about halfway through the game, the crowd starts up with the jeer “Hextallll, Hextallll”. I cannot put into words how happy this made me. I had never heard anything like it before. I was literally smiling from ear to ear.
  12. How close to the cap can I get without going over?
  13. Random thought popped in my head today. Is Josh Anderson the first true power forward we’ve had since Leclair?
  14. It’s official. Bobby Orr is a certified loser.
  15. I just have to give thanks that a Habs legend hasn’t come out endorsing DJT. The Bobby Orr situation is regrettable and could end up being a disaster for the Bruins brand.
  16. Agreed however his numbers will improve significantly this year with the stronger squad. I’m hoping he picks up a bit of Anderson and Toffoli’s game.
  17. I have to say that I’m not sure if the media outlets are playing up the Gallagher situation or not. The conspiratorial me thinks they would enjoy dividing our team just when things are starting to look good. That being said, I am a little disappointed in recent events because the only thing that Gally should be saying is: This is the best team on paper that I have been a part of in MTL. This is our chance to win it all and that’s the only thing that concerns me.
  18. I love the armchair approach to this thread but we’re probably going to see every single permutation of lines possible. That’s just business as usual with a team. Personally, I can’t wait to hear the French media drone on about how Danault and Drouin are logging increased minutes on the 3rd line.
  19. Excited to see a tough, gritty Habs team - that can actually play - take the ice.
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