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  1. Well that would be using the term "prospect" very loosely.
  2. That's what I'm thinking. Why add Flynn and Mitchell without moving out some bodies. Hopefully more to come.
  3. Amazing how MB manages to find value when everyone else is paying through the nose. What I wonder is what the top 6 looks like when Emelin returns? Markov Subbban Beaulieu Gonchar Petry Emelin Gilbert Down the stretch I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to also give Gonchar a few games off here and there.
  4. 49-23-4-6 = 108 points 1st in Atlantic 6th in NHL 243 GF
  5. Great to see that de la Rose has bulked up. He's my sleeper for the coming year. I think he's got a good chance to break camp with the big club.
  6. I believe not inviting Scherbak is more a political statement than a hockey statement. They don't want to be seen as rewarding a player for leaving Russia to play in North America.
  7. Vancouver also just shipped Jason Garrison to Tampa Bay
  8. I may be beating a dead horse here, but I wonder if Guy Boucher would have any interest in being an assistant coach again. I know I had heard that h has an NHL opt-out from his European contract, but that may be only to be a head coach. If possible, he would be my preferred option. Knows the franchise, has head-coaching experience, fulfills the language requirement (even though it drives me crazy). He would seem to bring some of what Gallant brought to the table from an experience stand point at least.
  9. Happy with this overall, Markov takes a little less salary to get the extra year. Reality is that I don't think there was any way to replace what Markov would bring to the team next year. I do worry about that 3rd year and how much he has left in the tank though. Ultimately I think that's what determines if this deal is a winner or not. Either way, happy to have him back and to give Markov a chance to finish his career here.
  10. Thinking out loud, I wonder if Guy Boucher would come back from Europe for an assistant coach job. He'd be an interesting replacement for Gallant, should he leave. I remember reading that Boucher had an NHL opt-out in his contract, but it may only be for a head coaching position.
  11. Talk about selling someone at the bottom of their value. Really wonder if this is the best Diaz could net us...
  12. Also provides an opportunity for Bournival/Bourque/Briere to step up. Hopefully...
  13. Only plus is that some of the time missed will be during the olympics so less total games missed. Louis Leblanc time?
  14. Ugh Galchenyuk going to miss 6 weeks with broken hand.
  15. Remind, is this a keeper league?
  16. McCann signing is interesting. He's a great fit for the yankees ballpark. I'd be shocked if he doesn't hit 30+ homeruns next year.
  17. Blacklist has been enjoyable so far, and agree completely on Agents of Shield. Not bad, but not amazing. On the comedy front I've been watching Brooklyn 99 and The Crazy Ones both of which are pretty funny.
  18. a) 44-26-6-6 = 100 points b) Atlantic Division: 3rd c) League: 6th d) Total Goals: 251
  19. looks like 1.5 million, a bit higher than i'd have liked but really not all that bad. He made 2.5 last year.
  20. No question he's a declining player, but I'm ok with it if you figure we'll really only need him to contribute significantly until Emelin returns.
  21. Habs just announced a one year deal for Douglas Murray. Curious to see the price tag but a good fill-in for Emelin while he comes back from surgery.
  22. It's got to be leap year baby Henri Richard.
  23. answer to the first question (vegan kitchen) is Cory Urquhart I believe
  24. Just wondering if we're doing this again this year?
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