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Carbo fired


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I was asking myself the same question. I am usually a fan of Todd's-- and his work is usually blasted by most people on this forum-- but this time he really blew it. Eg., saying that if Savard had made the same mistakes as Gainey he would have been fired. First, there is no way that he could know that it is opinion stated as fact and second AS made plenty of mistakes with free agent signiings.

As for changing the coach, his conclusions are disingenous. Sure Vignault is thriving now after a considerable period as a junior coach and a stint in the AHL-- not to mention that his job was in jeopardy earlier this year when the Canucks were in the toilet. Julien-- the Devils? Need I say more?

I maintain that if not for a wild streak of injuries and streaky (let's be kind) goaltending this team would be fine. As it is, Carbo admitted publically that he had run out of ideas and that in and of itself would have gotten him fired in most places.

So, lets take a deep breath, chill and keep the faith :hlogo:

Hating the article based on that one Savard-Gainey comment is missing the point of the article. I'm not sure why he included that anyway other than to say that they should keep Gainey even if he's made mistakes.

Vigneault and Julien are both good coaches. You're seriously using his stint with the Devils as a case against Julien? The team was doing very well. Vigneault's gotten injury-riddled line ups in Montreal and Vancouver to overachieve.

The point of his article still stands that it was a move made with only short-term benefits in mind - possibly for Gainey to keep his job. I think people are setting way too much store by that one comment by Carbo. Gainey said the same thing about the second period in Edmonton - that he had no idea why they weren't playing well and wasn't sure what happened.

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Ex-Coach Carbo is set to have a press conference live from the Bell Centre at 2pm eastern time. Let's see what he has to say lol

0.10$ says he throws something.

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0.10$ says he throws something.

"Thanks for the good times, I'll haunt you buggers from behind the bench of the Toronto Maple Leafs in a couple of years......ahahahahahahaha hoooooooooooooo hahahahahahaha hooooooooohaaaaaaaaaa.........What's that?......................See ya!!!!!!!!!!!"

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butts and I can not lie

You other brothers can't deny

That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist

And a round thing in your face

You get sprung"

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So for the record.. according to this board he was guilty of changing to lines too much, failing to improve the defensive play, not winning enough, not getting enough effort from the team, trying to play too defensively with offensive players...

So.. Gainey has been switching up lines game to game and period to period.

Gainey has been stressing playing better defense first, offense second (with about the same effectiveness).

The team effort has been sporatic at best.

Team record is worse.

So.. do we fire Gainey now? Can we admit that he wasn't fired because he didn't put out the lines you wanted, or left them alone.... Could we perhaps admit that the problems run deeper then the coach?

imo, Carbo was not the problem, or not the biggest problem. If some of these players had not been injured, if Price, Kovy, Hammer, Komi had been playing better, he would never have been fired. If some of the key vets had not blamed THEIR sub par efforts on the coach, but shown leadership and played better...

I understand why Gainey fired the coach, it was the only think left in the bag after the deadline.. but I certainly hope that he and his staff realize that Carbo paid the price for other and they need to clean the crap out of the room this summer. If they don't, we will be firing another coach in 2 years...

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