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4th Annual HabsWorld Prediction Contest

Peter Puck

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42 W - 25 L - 15 OTL = 99 pts. 1st in the East.

I think --as a whole-- the East is getting more and more competitive. Florida's been improving slowly, TB is not that far out, NYI is finally catching up. Only ATL still looks to be trailing behind. With each passing season the gap is closing between the top teams and the bottom teams. I think this year it's just gonna get even tighter. I dont see many teams getting over 100 pts.

I dont really see any team in the East set for some major dominance explosion except perhaps for Washington if the kids are super hungry and Varlamov has a breakout year. Pittsburgh and Boston might have some hang over syndrome early on allowing the rest of the Conference to sneak up on them.

In that kind of ultra-tight competition, I think the most consistent teams will have the edge. I'm hoping that the Habs will be one of them thanks to Martin and a core of reliable vets. I dont expect the team to wow anyone with some breakout star or some hot streak, but simply to win more often than they loose simply by playing sound hockey.

What worries me is the Olympics. Habs will have 8 players going. Markov should be a key player for Team Russia and their team should be a legitimate contender for the Gold Medal, which should mean tons of work for our #1 defenseman. I only hope he comes out of it safe and sound and ready for the NHL's last stretch and playoffs. He's our real franchise player and without him the Habs cant compete. To a lesser degree, Gomez & Gionta will also be key players for Team USA and need to come back from Vancouver in a good shape physically and mentally.

That being said, I think Montreal will have put itself in a good position prior to the Olympics and once everyone comes back and the other guys are rested, the team as a whole will be more confident to reboot the rest of the season. So I predict 1st in the East with 99 pts.

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Hey Peter Puck, I just wanted to let you know that the third link you showed (for prior contests) is the same as the first.

Anyway, my prediction for this season is

46-26-10 for 102 points. Second or fourth in the conference.

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87 pts

9th place in the east

82 GP 39 Wins 34 losses 9 OT/SOL losses

Carey Price GP 59 W 28 L 26 SOL/OT 5 GAA 2.80

Jaroslave Halak GP 23 W 11 L 8 SOL/OT 4 GAA 2.76


Gomez 76 20 45 65

Cammalleri 78 28 37 65

Gionta 79 25 35 60

Plekanec 80 23 34 57

Markov 77 12 40 52

Kostitsyn 79 25 18 43

Latendresse 80 18 19 37

S Kostitsyn 67 15 19 34

Pacioretty 70 15 15 30

Spacek 74 8 20 28

Dagostini 58 9 10 19

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You guys know what Toe Blake said about this?

He said, "Predicting is for gypsies."

For us to have a good year...

Our goaltending woes (yes, WOES) have to be solved, one way or another.

The newcomers have to perform well.

Our smallish forwards have to play big.

If *any* of the above-mentioned doesn't pan out, we're in for a long, long year.

(Excuse me for stating the obvious.)

So where does this put us? Anywhere from 70 - 110!!!

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  • 6 months later...
good job Joe. you got 88pts correct! :clap:

kaos was very close to a perfect prediction!!! 82 GP 39-34-9 = 87 pts

Habs were 39-33-10 = 88

Yes, JoeLassiter is this year's winner. kaos is runner up. Nobody else was really close.

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for 95 points. The first 20 games will be a little rough, but by the time november comes along, the team will gel together. They will play well for a few months, and things might slow down a little in february. They'll make the playoffs, and will finish the season in 6th place in the east.

Boy was i ever wrong!

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48-28-6 for 102points.

This team will surprise. I just pray that it will be for the best!

Go Habs Go!

CRAP! :wacko:

Its safe to say that I was surprised... :(

Its a new season now boys.. lets not disappoint. GO HABS GO!

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