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Habs vs Tampa Bay GDT


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I can't beleive you still bring up Perezhogen. He wasn't Pavel Bure or anything, he didn't do anything in NHL but take penalties.

The top 6 isn't the problem.The bottom 6 and about 4 Dmen need to be upgraded.


There are some big problems in this team, but really our top 6 are pretty good. These are some of the problems I have seen this year:

DEFENSE! Our defensemen are slow and pathetic. In a posession system, it is critical that your defense are fast enough to get to the puck and hang onto it.

Bottom 6. They do nothing. They don't wear down the opponent, none of them are skilled enough to step up when a top 6 guy is injured. They don't create any momentum. They basically kill time. I miss TK and Begin.

JM system with a team that can't or won't impliment. The system is fundementaly good. Short fast passes, speed, puck support and backchecking. Short shifts and low risk. The problem is that the passes aren't working. 5 players in top 20 in the league for giveaways last time I checked.

But of all this, I still say defense is the biggest issue. We are just too slow. I didn't watch this game, but I'm willing to bet that the points were covered hard by Tampa, forcing turnovers. There were lots of stretch passes, and Tampa sent 3 forwards in hard to forecheck. Why not...unless Markov or Hammer are on the ice, you know you will maintain posession of the puck. It's the same game plan every game.

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I hope not, I don't think he's playing that bad - he's still rounding into shape. I have hopes for SK, he can be a hell of a player if he can recapture the bit of nastiness he had in his rookie season. You can say that about a couple of guys this year I guess (Lapierre?).....but even more importantly, I'm sick of losing good guys for nothing. Certainly a guy like Perezhogin would fit nicely on one of the first two lines right about now....

Ya...we lose SK to the hawks...and he lights it up with Patrick Kane like they did on the Knights

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