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HabsWorld 2010 NHL Playoff Thread


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Poor San Jose. Maybe Joe touching the cup at a young age is all the jinx it takes (that's true BTW) :lol: What was his dad thinking? Isn't that child abuse? :lol:

The only way one should touch the cup is if they don't wish to win it if they haven't yet - Hockey Gods don't like it! Or if you have already won it - the Gods don't mind that at all. It's like meeting the best model in the universe and before you meet her you purposely cut your face up multiple times with a cheese grater :lol:

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Just realised the Avs are playing without Hejduk and Mueller. Must hurt.

No Jones either. He's been out since November but I count him now since he could possibly return in the next couple of games. Thats 3 guy from top 6 scoring roles we're missing.

We're also missing Porter and Stoa from the bottom lines, been forced to play junk like Durno and Svatos.

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Burrows making it interesting! 4-3. It's too bad Vancouver will lose. Their fans seem to be foreboding. Heck, even Captain_Stealth has become a Washington fan! Yikes!

I'm the GM of the Capitals. You've got the wrong idea unless you were joking. ;)

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Definitely a better performance tonight.

Samuelsson is a beast and Demitra's back! :clap:

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