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Oct. 17, Blue Jackets vs Habs, 7:30 PM


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Big kill coming up... No PK. :(

And it was another bad call.

I notice that the Eller line is up against a much tougher line tonight... Getting pushed around a lot. We need the vets to pick in up because right now, teams are able to focus on the kids.

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Michel Bergeron pumping PK's tires on L'antichambre, good stuff.

Said something I agree with (heart meds, HEART MEDS): PK isn't playing enough. Agree. He's good enough to be playing 28. And with him playing 28, we don't have to deal with someone else making mistakes.

And like they said, I don't care about his mistakes so much, because when you have a guy like that, he's going to make mistakes - but he's going to bring you SO much more. Timing is the key. Make your mistakes at less critical times. But I wanna see him take chances and make things happen. That's his game, and that's why he's the best.

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By the way, a big thumbs down to the announcer who said "Bouillon just turned 38 years old, and you know what? He just keeps getting better"

Useless platitude. Bouillon has clearly lost a step, is almost useless on the PP, and should be limited to 10 minutes of icetime a game.

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