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Dagenais : One year 550k


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I hope he's a good stick boy ;)

That's good security to have though, Dags is a real good team player, even if he doesn't play a game, he won't ask to be traded (cause he can't!) and won't whine.

BG and CJ decided to go with the Kids and I'm really glad to see more than 1 rookie in our lineup finally!!! :D

But ... While I have 100% faith in higgins, what tells you that Perez will be consistent right away?

What tells you that both will be able to play 82 games?

We'll have to rest them to bench them, we might have injuries...

With a Salary cap, you don't have Dackell or Perrault at over 1.5M in the Press Box. You don't have a Lapointe at 2.4M who'll be very mad if he doesn't play every game.

You take dags and plug him on the 2nd line when you need him... when you don't? he still have his BIG LARGE Face Cracking smile stamped in the face.

Gotta appreciate it at leat.

He's the best 13th forward around.

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Well its not the signing of the century, but hey if he pops in 15-20 goals, $550K is a bargain. He is big, slow but apparently has worked hard on his skating so we will see. We aren't paying him to score 50, and aren't paying him as a penaly killer. He is a depth guy who seems to work well with Ribs.

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I like the price, and I like the contract length. This is basically gonna be a one season audition. He has a chance to show his dedication to the team and his improvement.

And quite frankly, I think he'll impress those that aren't so negatively close-minded about him. Whether he is worth sticking around for another year is dependant foremost by the production of youth behind him and, to a lesser degree, just how much better a hockey player he is.

I'm glad he's back...for now.

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I was thinking that as long as Dagenais is partnered with the creative Ribeiro he will always be productive cause he's so damn good at putting it in..... once the puck as been put on his stick.

On the other hand I realise that since BG acquired him, is been putting great numbers wherever he's played,... from the AHL to the Swiss league, even away from Rib he's managed to keep the red light on.

He managed 17 goals in 50 games, which could have been around 24 in 82 games,..thats playing with second-line ice time and no first wave power play time and minimal second wave time.

Those are very good numbers and one of the few good reasons why the CH managed to finnish 7th.. when beginning of the year's predictions had them finnished 12th.

He is no ballerina on ice and cant weaves is way in and around players, as can some speedy talented players, yet, seems to managed just as well.. offensivelly speaking.

Smaller players with reduced shooting velocity need to get closer to the net to be dangerous and they should benefit from the proposed reduced interference....if it remains thought the season. Since Dagenais' arm of choice its a wicked shot that is not slot dependant, even a relaxing on interference by the referes will not reduced his threat throught the season,....on the other hand, the reduced goally's equipement size might get Big Dag so excited that he just might start triggering those shots from the red line,...ho thats right, no red line next year.

Its good to have him here,..I know Hossa is taking a long time to mature and Perezhogin might benefit in growing nicely for a while on the third line.

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Glad to see that not everyone is so negative about Dagenais. I think that he will be a useful contributor this season; the Swiss league doesnt exactly favour the mobility challeneged and yet he scored there. If not he'll be gone next year. And the price is right.

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oi; first post!

I always thought that dagenais was a head case in New Jersey, and did indeed demand a trade...

However I like the signing because he is buddies with riberio, and he scores goals, something the habs still need.

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At that price, he's a bargain!

The kid's a shooter par excellence. He may not be a physical player and sometimes he seems to disappear but when he gets a shot on net, it's something to be considered. He won't be off target very often.

Very good, Bob.

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Dagenais for 550k. That has to be great. Yes, he is slow, but 17 goals in 50 games? Thats not bad considering he was in and out of the line-up. He certainly has the height. I can't see him playing for more than that again with Hossa and Perrezhogin (sp) looking for a spot. I think Higgins will look for a 3rd or 4rth line spot.

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