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Round 3, Game 3, Golden Knights @ Canadiens, 8:00PM EST


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2 hours ago, Commandant said:

Anything that reduces the viral load that a person is exposed to is a help.  The mask isn't 100% effective in that some covid particles are so small they go through the fabric.


That said, some also get caught in the fabric.


So you reduce the viral load.

Agreed ... and when you even pull the mask away from your face, let alone down, more particles are able to disperse

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10 hours ago, Commandant said:


Since 2000.... Chris Lee calls 1% fewer penalties than the average ref against 30 NHL teams.

He calls 13% more penalties against the Habs than the average ref has called against the Habs. 

In playoff games, that number spikes to 21% more penalties against the Habs than other refs call. 


The Habs winning percentage is 46% overall in that time 2000-2020.   

The Habs winning percentage in games with Chris Lee is 36%


I always knew he was bad, but wow, that is pretty damning.


Interestingly, there is a Chris Lee who judges MMA and he is among the worst at judging the sport. Apparently you have to go by Christopher Lee to be good at your job.

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