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    I think it depends on what else the Habs can move out. Assuming Pacioretty is getting $7 -8 mil per season on an extension and assuming that we can already sign Tavares with our current cap space, Pacioretty would only be getting 2.5 to 3.5 mil raise over his current cap hit. If you get rid of Andrew Shaw and his $3.9 mil cap hit for a pick or prospect your problem is solved.
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    I am fine trading Pacioretty but it we need to get a quality NHLer in return: center or LD plus other pieces
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    Most players don't check out..... the narratives that its always just try a little harder, as if professionals aren't trying are exhausting.... The guy didn't even make the NHL, and was a middling minor league journeyman til one training camp he found himself on Tavares wing at the age of 28. I'm pretty sure it was all Tavares.
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    I wonder if last year was the time to trade him. Now he is basically a glorified rental. It seems like he represented higher value when he had more than one playoff remaining at that bargain-basement cap hit.
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    And what happened with Markov and Radulov is why other teams aren't holding cap space for very long past July 1st, and why you won't be able to trade Pacioretty for full value once that date passes. The number of suitors with cap space remaining will have drastically decreased as other teams execute their plan B, C, D, etc....
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    Good analysis. Speed and skill all the way down the line. I remember back around 2014...I kinda thought that's how the Habs were going. Roll three fast, puck-moving, more or less interchangeable lines. No big stars to shut down, just roll wave after wave of good, smart players. Have Markov and Subban (and later Petry) moving the puck like crazy from the back end. And have Price anchoring it all. Somehow that whole concept, which I guess was never the actual plan, evaporated and left us with the garbage we now have.
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    New article on the homepage says the 10th is in play from Edmonton. What could we offer to receive both the 10th and Klefbom? What would Pacioretty and our 2nd do?
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    If that's the case, E. Crawford should have been axed for the Alzner/Schelemko fiasco...
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    Dudley has always been active on the amateur scouting side. I read somewhere that he has more or less worked exclusively on that side the last few years. Eric Crawford is Montreal's primary pro scout.