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    Beat me to it! Glad to see I'm not the only one who over analyzes
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    Well, for everyone who was cheering for habs to lose. The MTL slot would be where nashville ball was placed. ( alphabetic order ). So there you have it. Just a guess, unless the balls fell differently, all things equal, unless Nashville ball was out, MTL wouldnt have won the draft lottery. A 12.5% chance or into playoffs we go. You always go for the win and keep team going. There you have it, lets now all get behind our team! ( have a positive feeling about it..) very similar to the 1993 run in a different way!! Let get after it!!!
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    Don’t have to keep him. If we moved Petry or Weber we’d have to get back a dman in return and I’d use Nylander or Drouin or even both to do that.
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    I can't believe the Habs finished another season ahead of the leafs.
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    As we beat Pittsburgh we will draft 16th or later (depending on how the Habs perform from here on in the playoffs) ... from NHL.com: Picks No. 9-15 will be assigned to the other teams that lose the eight qualifier series, in inverse order of their points percentage. Picks 16-31 will be determined by the results of the playoffs. So Pittsburgh, Winnipeg, Florida, NYR and Nashville are in the second lottery (to be held Monday night I believe), with Toronto, Edmonton and Minnesota on the brink of joining them ...
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